May 12 Deadline for Current Brick Order!

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May 1, 2014 Deadline
for Spring 2014 Brick Installation! 


Looking for a perfect gift to celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? Please consider a gift that celebrates your loved one, and also supports peace for our world. Sponsor a personalized gift brick in Mattie’s Park and Peace Garden.


Click here to download our Brick Order Mail-in Form


Click here to order through our Peace Shop

(Member Discount prices noted in Peace Shop)


Mosaic of Gifts Collaboration! 



Looking for a unique gift to celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? What about an anniversary or birthday present for someone special?


Actually, any day is a good day to become a part of history through a personalized Gift Brick in Mattie’s Peace Garden.


And your tax deductible sponsorship supports Mattie’s Foundation!


Once or twice a year, Mattie’s Foundation places personalized Gift Bricks in the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Park & Peace Garden in Rockville, Maryland.


This activity allows members of Mattie’s Peace Network and Peace Club and other individuals and groups to place personal messages on bricks, while also financially supporting our mission and activities.


This spring, Potomac Valley Brick joined us as a “Foundation Advocate” – which saves us money on brick installation, and maximizes our program development and outreach efforts.


This is great news!


And last week, a member of  Mattie’s Peace Network made a suggestion:
In the spirit of Mattie’s “mosaic vision of peace,” allow people to “collaborate on a gift brick” sending whatever they can afford, from $15 to $50, or more!


Each time the $199 per brick is reached, all the brick’s donor names will be listed on the website on the Brick Sponsors page. The brick inscription will include a peace message and collaboration date on which the brick achieved sponsorship.


We think this “mosaic plan” is more great news!


The deadline for our next order is May 10. So we invite you to participate in our Spring 2013 brick drive in one of two ways:


You may also mail your brick order form to us, with a check or credit card information. 

Remember — MAY 1, 2014
is the current DEADLINE

for bricks that will be engraved and installed in
Mattie’s Peace Garden this spring! 


Add YOUR name to our Spring 2013 Brick Meter! 

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