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incorrect link posted in the 2017 e-Peace Update… 

for the 2017 Peace Day Party… 

Thank you!!!  





Mattie’s Foundation is very sorry to announce that
today’s Peace Gathering is being POSTPONED
due to impending storms and heavy rainfall.

We will work with the City of Rockville
with the hope of rescheduling a collaborative
Peace Day celebration later this summer.
Information will be shared
as soon as any plans are developed.
In the meantime, please continue to choose peace,
to support Mattie’s Foundation, and to
“Remember to play after every storm!”
as Mattie encourages. Peace to all.




Event was canceled due to rain,
but the volunteers still “played after the storm”
and had a blast! 

Photo Album page here…


Peace Gathering — FREE
July 4 — from 5-8 pm
Mattie J.T. Stepanek Park
Peace Garden  (Mattie statue area)
CLICK HERE for Activity Agenda




Followed by the
City of Rockville’s 
Fireworks Celebration
from 7-9:30 pm
(also in Mattie’s Park)-

CLICK HERE for the
Rockville, MD event info… 


Sponsor a personalized gift brick in Matite’s Peace Garden
by July 7 for ONLY $100 (half price!)



Canadian photographer, Tom Robertson,
will be back to capture the essence of the
2016 Peace Gathering.
We will post a 2016 photo album soon after 7/4.


View photos from our previous Peace Gatherings here…



Join us for cake and conversation,
music and activities…
in the Peace Garden area from 5-8 pm

Program to declare Rockville as a
“Community of Peace” begins at 6:30 pm

Stay for the City’s Fireworks Celebration
in Mattie’s Park from 7-9:30 pm


The City of Rockville is the FIRST CITY in the USA
to declare Mattie’s birthday as a PEACE DAY – 
encouraging citizens to reflect on personal choices for peace.
Mattie’s Foundation is proud to be working in
collaboration and celebration alongside this City, whose
leaders have supported Mattie’s Foundation since 2005! 





and road closure details.  



Click here for park site map…



  • Parking is available for free in lots along Shady Grove Road, Gaither Road and Choke Cherry Road.
  • These lots are conveniently located near the event site.
  • There is no parking available in the King Farm neighborhood.
  • Please use main roads such at Route 355, Gude Drive, and Shady Grove Road to access these parking lots. There will be ample signage directing people to public parking.

View the public parking map. 

Food and Beverage

  • In celebration of Mattie’s birthday,  Mattie’s Foundation will be serving cake (free) during the 6-7pm hour.
  • Food and beverage will be available for purchase from several food vendors (beginning 6-7pm).
  • Guests may also bring their own food and beverage.
  • Please note that there is no barbecuing or open flames allowed on the event site on July 4.


“2016 Peace Gathering” in Mattie’s Park

Sponsors & Volunteers

If you would like to add your name as a volunteer or sponsor,

please e-mail MattieOnline.com@gmail.com 

Sponsors & Supporters

  • Financial Sponsors
    Peace Club Teen — Jacob Jones – $80
     — Raffle at St. John Bosco Academy to benefit Mattie’s Foundation
    Peace Club Kid  – William Forrester & Family — $300 (so far)
    —- William’s dad is encouraging him to “Play for Peace” –
    —-for every home run he hits during baseball season…
    —– –> $300 donated to Mattie’s Foundation!!!
    Peace Club Kid — Ireland McKinnon - 
    Donations in honor of her birthday!
    Add YOUR NAME here… with a sponsorship gift
    —– e-mail MattieOnline.com@gmail.com 
  • Tent, Tables, & Chairs
    The City of Rockville, Maryland (and)
    King Farm Screaming’ Geese Swim Team
  • Printing & Publicity
    Montgomery Printing (Rockville)
    Parcel Plus (King Farm)
    City of Rockville, Maryland
  • Mosaic of Gift Bricks Installation
    Potomac Valley Brick & Supply
  • Assortment of Food
    Red, Hot & Blue (Gaithersburg) 
  • Cake, Water, & Balloons
    Safeway (King Farm)

Distinguished Guests

  • Mayor, City of RockvilleBridget Newton
    Rockville is the first US city to declare
     ”Peace Day” for its citizens on Mattie’s birthday
  • Rockville, MD City Council Members
    Beryl Feinberg, 
    Virginia Onley, Louise Atkins 
  • Rockville, MD Special Events - Colleen McQuitty 
  • We Are Family Foundation Representations
    Nancy Hunt (President), Mark & Rose Barondess (Board)
  • Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation – Board of Directors
    Jamie Baker, Chris Dobbins, Cynthia Dobbins,
    Max Jones, Joe Palermino,  Cynda Rushton, Jeni Stepanek 

Music & Heartsongs

  • EVENT DJ -
    Jamie D. Baker –
    Mattie’s Foundation Director
    Kaylee Dobbins (age 13)
    – trumpet (Maryland)
    National Anthem

    Kaylee has been a Peace Club Youth member since 2011
    Jacob Jones (age 14) -- bells (Pennsylvania)
    Let There Be Peace On Earth
    Jacob has been a Peace Club Youth member since 2011

Peace Guides & Peace Crew

  • Peace Guides — #Change4Peace
    Mattie’s Foundation Board of Directors
    – Jamie Baker, Chris Dobbins, Cynthia Dobbins,
    =-Max Jones, Joe Palermino, Cynda Rushton, Jeni Stepanek
    We Are Family Foundation Global Teen Leaders
     Khouloud Ayouti  (GTL’08 – Israel)
    Max Jones (GTL’14 – Canada & USA)
    Foundation Peace Volunteers — ADULTS 
     –Shirley Anderson (Maryland)
    Tommy Baker  (Maryland)
    Tricia Coe &  Leon & Qwomell 

    Heather Dobbins (Maryland)
    Shelly Gross (Maryland)
    Greg & Jane Jones (Pennsylvania)
    Linda Kwiatkowski (Maryland)
    Colin McLuckie (Maryland)
    Lorene Moutanabbih (Maryland)
    Josephine Palermino (Maryland)
    The Poe Pack (Shawn & Lisa – Maryland)
    Bill & Carol Scott (Maryland)
    Curt Smith (Maryland)
    Alanna Vella (Maryland

    Foundation Peace Volunteers – YOUTH 
    Kaylee & Leah Dobbins (Maryland)
    Jacob, Sammy, & Bella Jones (Pennsylvania)
    Celia Kwiatkowski (Maryland)
    Colin McLuckie (Maryland)
    -Keith & Sarah Poe (Maryland)
    Collin Proctor (Maryland)
    Trevor & Lauren Scott (Maryland)
    Reagan Leibovitz-Smith (Maryland)
  • ASL Interpreter
    Seeking a volunteer…
  • Videography
    Seeking a volunteer
  • Photography
    Maureen Freeman (Maryland)
    Tom Robertson (Montreal, Canada)
  • Peace Crew — Set-up & Clean-up (& pre-event tasks)

    The Coe Family (Maryland)
    The Jones Family (Pennsylvania)
    Linda Kwiatkowski (Maryland)
    Reagan Leibovitz-Smith
    Colin McLuckie (Maryland)
    Tim McLuckie (Maryland)
    Lorene Moutanabbih (Maryland)
    The Poe Pack (Maryland)
    Tom Robertson (Canada)
    Curt & Andrea Smith (Maryland)
    Alanna Vella (Maryland)
    – And…
    Mattie’s Foundation Board of Directors &
    The Step’obbi’comb’ake’r'oss Fam’ (Mattie’s kin)


If you would like to add your name as a volunteer or sponsor,
please e-mail MattieOnline.com@gmail.com 



2016 Peace Gathering Photo Albums
will be posted soon after the event.



  • “Peace Guides” (ages 12 and up) 

  •  (arrive at park by 4:15 pm)

    Mattie’s Foundation will need a few “Peace Guide” volunteers for the event. These are folks who will help us with either a simple activity, or with engaging others in “peace conversation.” We will offer you  ”talking points” from Mattie’s peace message — you just need to help keep conversations going.  Each Peace Guide will receive a peace poster and Peace Activity Certificate from Mattie’s Foundation.
    NOTE — We are still looking for a volunteer to serve as an ASL interpreter.
  • “Peace Crew”
     (arrive at park by 3:00 pm)

    Mattie’s Foundation will need a few folks to help with set-up and clean-up. Great chance for a family to work together for peace! Set-up will be 4:15-5 pm. Clean up will take place 6:45-7:30 pm.  Each Peace Volunteer will receive a peace poster and Peace Activity Certificate from Mattie’s Foundation.


  • While we welcome all help on the day of the event,
    you must send an e-mail and be a registered volunteer
    to receive a peace poster.
  • Please e-mail MattieOnline.com@gmail.com for more information
    and to sign up for a volunteer role.

    (see the growing list of supporters below…)



Help us Change4Peace with
Mattie’s message & mission



Don’t forget… 

Mattie’s Birthday

Most of the peace programs and activities
created by Mattie’s Foundation are offered
to global citizens of all ages

We rely on your generous donations
to make this possible.
Mattie’s Birthday Campaign is
our annual fundraising drive.
Please consider celebrating his
25th birthday with a gift of $25 (or more).
You will be celebrated on our
Peace Champions page (here…)
and on our
2016 Birthday Champions page (here…)
Those who give more than $25 may
share a message to be posted!

Just click here to support
Mattie’s Birthday Campaign…



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