What Next? Project

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What Next? Project —

Want it! Live it! Share it!

Phase 2 of our For Our World Campaign  



In 2010, Mattie’s Foundation launched the For Our World Campaign as a free, international peace effort. We invited people to translate Mattie’s 9/11 poem into other languages, and posted these translations as free downloadable PDFs


Matte wrote his “For Our World” poem on September 11, 2001 as his personal response to universal questions of ‘What now? What next?’following terrorist attacks. He hoped that one day, this poem would serve as an ‘international passage for peace.’


As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approached, we reached 50 translations of the poem, and encouraged people around the world to “Read it. Share it. Live it.”  We asked people to spread the message of this poem in schools and homes and offices — by reading it during gatherings and meetings and classes, and by posting it onTwitter and Facebook pages, bulletin boards and refrigerators, and more.


We also created a chain of ‘peace flags’ with these translations that were flown during the 2011 Peace Celebration at Mattie’s Park in Rockville, MD.


Now, the events and attention focused on the 10th anniversary of September 11 have subsided, and our world is still in need of peace. To keep momentum going, Mattie’s Foundation initiated our “What Next? Project.”


We continue to invite people to translate, download, and share Mattie’s For Our World poem. In addition, we are offering inspiration, information, activities, and resources that encourage people around the world to continue focusing on peace-related attitudes and habits that will shape the reality of our world. These activities and resources will be rooted in Mattie’s “Three Choices for Peace” concept, which grew directly from his For Our World poem.



The goal of the “What Next? Project” –

“Make Peace The News — Want it! Live it! Share It!”

This goal is rooted in Mattie’s “Three Choices for Peace©.”



“Three Choices for Peace©”” 

     from Mattie J.T. Stepanek


  Â Â Make peace an attitude — Want it!

    Â    Be a peace seeker.


     Make peace a habit — Live it!

        Â  Be a peace maker.


 =   Make peace a reality — Share it!

      Â  Be a peace bringer.



  • Send us your stories and lessons and experiences on how YOU shared Mattie’s poetry, and his Three Choices for Peace.

Perhaps you shared with your family, your school, your office, or your place of worship. Perhaps you used his message during a volunteer activity, or within another non-profit organization. We want to Make Peace the News!


Share you story and we will post it on our What People Are Saying pages. Visit our Contact Us page to submit, or e-mail MattieOnline.com@gmail.com.




Click here to learn more about our Spotlight 

on Peace Seekers, Makers, Bringers, & Sponsors!

(Rooted in Mattie’s Three Choices for Peace)



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