Pathways to Peace® Program

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Pathways to Peace® Program


Our Pathways to Peace® Program offers informational and inspirational materials and activities that support the exploration of key elements of Mattie’s message. Let our resources and programs support you in moving from “attitude to action” in hope and peace.


A series of “Pathways Stations” focus on specific concepts, including: 


  • Mattie’s Life & The Peace Journey
  • Heartsongs & Purpose
  • Hope & Balance
  • Peace (Basic Needs, Education, Communication)
  • Choices & Service (Home & World Community)
  • Kindness & Resilience (includes ‘anti-bullying’)
  • Coping & Motivation (Mottos, Role Models, and more)
  • Mosaics & “What Next?”-


Materials & Support for Every Peace Journey

The early stages of the Pathways to Peace® Program debuted during the 2011 Peace Celebration. A series of inspiration cards – with photos, artwork, and quotes from Mattie’s books and speeches on front, and information exploring the message on back – were offered to participants at each Pathways to Peace® Station. We recently expanded our inspiration card collection and have also created posters, bookmarks, and other peace products that support a journey through our Pathways to Peace These materials are available in our Peace Shop.


In 2012, we launched our new Membership program – Mattie’s Peace Club – with levels for children, teens, and adults. We also created a special program for our Peace Club Teens. The Teen Peace Journey – a free bonus option for youth aged 13-19 — is a supported exploration of peace that moves participants from membership as a “Peace Club Teen” to a “Peace Teen Ambassador.” Participants move sequentially through Mattie’s ‘Three Choices for Peace’ by reading and reflecting on a Mattie poem or book, responding to and reaching out with peace through a small project they create, put into action, and share. Peace Journey Teens are supported by members of Mattie’s Foundation throughout their journey, which may earn Community Service Hours for school, and can be a great addition on college application forms. 


For individuals, families, and community groups of all sizes who want to learn and do more as they seek, make, and bring peace, we launched a new Peace Certification Program. The Program is rooted in our Pathways to Peace® materials, and expanded with additional supports, materials, and benefits for those who participate. (See below for more information about our Peace Certification Program).


We will also soon begin a new Peace & Book Chats element to supplement our Pathways to Peace® Program. Individuals and groups will be able to register and participate in a live, online video conference/chat with Jeni Stepanek, to further explore specific elements of Mattie’s message or to discuss specific books by Mattie or Jeni. VIP Members of our Peace Club and those participating in our Peace Certification Program are eligible to participate in one free Chat, and General Members are eligible for a discount rate. (Click here to learn more about Mattie’s Peace Club). 



Materials for the Peace Certification Journey


Peace Certification by the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation makes a statement about personal choices as an educator, a politician, a community leader, a family member, a school staff member, a healthcare or childcare provider, a member of the clergy, a business organization —  as any person or group who wants to be an agent of lasting and good change for our world.


Our new Peace Tips Guide is now available for individuals, families, communities, and groups of all sizes who choose to participate in the Peace Certification Program. This 24-page full color 8.5×11 inch resource offers more detailed information about each of the elements in our Pathways to Peace Program that support those on the journey to Peace Certification as they “Reflect, Respond, and Reach Out”  with message elements. The pages exploring our Pathways Stations contain samples of Mattie’s poetry,  excerpts from his essays or speeches, photographs, artwork, and information sections that answer questions about how each element relates to a peace journey.


In addition to informational and inspirational material, the Guide offers three Peace Links & Poetry Tips pages with personal or group lesson plan or activity suggestions for each Pathways Station. These tips offer personal reflection suggestions, and a variety of hands-on activities, crafts, peace-games, service projects, and other ideas that  can support participants in exploring Mattie’s messages of hope and peace in sensory, tactile, and replicable ways.


Why does Peace Certification matter? 

Peace Certification by the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation makes a statement about your choices as an educator, a family member, a school staff, a healthcare provider, a member of the clergy, a business organization —  as any person or group who wants to be an agent of lasting and good change for our world. Peace Certification helps you move from “attitude to action” in peace for one’s self, for groups, and for diverse communities of all sizes.


Individuals and groups that participate

in our Peace Certification Program will

be featured on our website as

    “Peace Certified by Mattie’s Foundation” 


Messenger Support Program

We are also launching a Messenger of Peace Club Membership Level. This level of membership is to encourage school PTA groups, businesses, professional organizations, and individuals to become “Messengers of Peace” by sponsoring the Pathways to Peace® Program and Peace Certification in a local or global school or youth group. Schools and youth groups that participate in this program will become “Peace Certified by Mattie’s Foundation” thanks to the group, business, or person who chooses to support peace education for our future leaders. The sponsor also receives benefits by participating in the program.


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- Mattie J.T. Stepanek