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January 2013


Hi Jeni, I received my Peace Shop order today. The T-Shirt is awesome!! Much cooler in person! I love the design, and the poem on the back is beautiful. It is really a nice T-Shirt. I love the inspiration cards – very good to keep close at hand to read everyday. I’m going to hand those out to people who need encouragment. Thank you for everything! I will be ordering more of these to give as gifts. – Patty Stewart (VIP Peace Club Member)


August 2012


Shared your site Angel, you are still doing your job as an ambassador for peace. I have done many things because of you, if Mattie and Jeni can speak up, I can too. Strength is a learned skill. Bless you! – Eileen Stewart (via Facebook)


The Foundation website Spotlight Feature is an awesome read. We all love Mattie and share his spirit and message of peace. We miss him at the IAFF/MDA Softball Tournament, of course, but we know he’s looking down on us and smiling and laughing. I know he was my guardian angel a few years back and for that I am forever grateful. — Corbie Pierce (via Facebook)


July 2012
To Jeni: I looked once again at Mattie’s website, which is always delightful and inspiring… I’m not surprised that you continue his and your ministry. You have (Rosalynn’s and my) prayers and best wishes, and we hope to see you in the future. Lately we have been concentrating on bringing into reality the hopes and dreams of the Arab Spring movement toward peace and democracy in a number of countries. Our Carter Center has been the primary observer in the elections in Tunisia, Egypt, and last week in Libya. As you may know, I am also one of the Elders, a group of retired political leaders that was established five years ago by Nelson Mandela. Our overriding commitment is to peace and human rights. I had an editorial in the NY Times (and the CC website) recently about our nation’s abandonment of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I am very proud of your untiring efforts to promote Mattie’s crusade for peace, especially among the young future leaders of the world. Much love, Jimmy. – Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter (via e-mail).

Checking another of my Facebook sites and one of the posts included information about Mattie and his web-site.  I followed the link and voila! I am thankful that the post was made and even more grateful I came upon it. I am also thankful that little Mattie was able to do all  he did and dreamed of doing….he was only here for such a short time. What accomplishments and effects he has brought upon so many people…and I am one of them!  Such a brave, brave little boy!  I will doy best in encouraging others to embrace his message . We certainly need more of Mattie’s energies in this world of ours… I will do my best to live up to do/be what typified the epitome of Mattie’s dreams/wishes! – Kathy Stern (Mattie’s Peace Club Member, via e-mail)

June 2012


I can imagine that redesigning the new website was a lot of work but it’s worth it. It’s really beautiful, and easy to use. – Jo Tummers. the Netherlands (via e-mail)


The new website is well-organized, and I feel like I am more connected with Mattie’s Foundation now. Thank you!  – Melissa A., Nova Scotia (via Contact Us website page)


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