From Mattie’s Champions & Club Members

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Peace Posts…

From Mattie’s Champions & Peace Club Members 


October 2013


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February 2013


I am truly honored to be a part of Mattie’s Peace Club and Network. His beautiful spirit continues to shine brightly! – Sherri Rickabaugh, Des Moines, IA (Member, Mattie’s Peace Club)


January 2013

Mattie‘s spirit, and words, continue to be a powerful and inspiring force in my life-and so many others. In the coming year I commit to sharing Mattie’s message of peace, and Heartsongs with the many I am blessed to connect with on a regular basis through my life and work.–  Namaste’ – Michelle “Shelley” Green (new Peace Club Member, 1/2013)


Sometimes there is something to be said to giving society the opportunity to help. I was more than happy to have been given the opportunity to contribute a small amount to further Mattie’s mission. – Anne Nessa  Mattie’s Peace Club member 8/2012, renewed 1/2013)

=====—-NOTE: Thank you, Anne, for continued support of Mattie’s Foundation!


August 2012


Will be joining Mattie’s Peace Club today, Jeni (myself, and my children)… And you are so right in what you said. It takes more then just a “like” to make a difference. Deep pockets are nice, but what message does that really send in the scheme of things. Peace is possible… I hope you get the support you need. Hugs to you. – Keri Clark Cinotto (Member of Mattie’s Peace Club, parent of J.L. and Ryan, Members of Mattie’s Peace Club Kids, new members 8/2012)


****NOTE: Keri’s message is in response to a post by Jeni Stepanek on Facebook. Here is the text of that post: 

To folks emailing me and asking why I don’t ask Oprah and Jimmy Carter to give to Mattie’s Foundation in this time of financial challenges — While I would welcome a deep pocket philanthropist or contribution, what I am hoping to secure (that is longer lasting) is the support of the thousands of folks who celebrate Mattie’s message. Hoping $25 for an annual Membership is not too deep a reach into the pocket for many. This amount (less than one coffee per month) would support us in continuing our mission. Also hoping maybe a retired Development specialist may say, ‘I believe and want to help.’ A deep pocket is a one time thing usually. It is wonderful, but I am trying to build something sustainable, and realistic, that benefits all the folks we try to get this message out for, and to. Please do more than “Like” peace here on Facebook — please support our effort to move the message to action. Join Mattie’s Peace Club. Thank you– Jeni Stepanek, Ph.D., Executive Director, Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation

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January Spotlight

May 5 at Botanero

Cinco de Mayo Partnership Fiesta - FREE ENTRY - All Day Happy Hour & food specials, Music by DJ Genius, ZamDance performances -- join us for a fundraising party that celebrates peace and acceptance! Read more...

June 2 at Dawson's

Mosaics & Music: Make Peace the News -- join us for wine & apps, music & mosaic unveiling, conversation & celebration at a fundraising gathering to promote peace! Early Bird Tickets $25 ($30 at the door). Read more...

June 21 and 22

Celebrating Mattie’s life & legacy – 15-year anniversary Mass on June 22 (11 am) at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Derwood, MD, followed by a reception hosted by Mattie's Guild - ALL ARE WELCOME. Read more...

July 13 in King Farm

2019 Peace Day Celebration – join us for a FREE street fair (1-5 pm), all day food & drink specials (1-8 pm), and a Happy Hour Dance Party (5-8 pm) – arts, crafts, music, performers, cake, moon bounce… Read more...

- Mattie J.T. Stepanek