On Mattie’s Park & Peace Garden

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On Mattie’s Park & Peace Garden


January 2015


Hi Jeni –  We had a very nice visit to Mattie’s Peace Park over the Christmas holiday. Here is a picture from our visit (In the photo are Sue and Ray Richardson, their dog Kelly, and with my 3 children, Allyson, Kyle and Matthew.). It was a warmish day and we all enjoyed seeing so many people on the playground and basketball courts.  We are hoping to have a family picnic at the park in the spring after the bricks are installed and to spend a nice afternoon enjoying the facilities.  I hope you had a nice Christmas season as well!


My mom and dad were thrilled with their gift brick and the special gift message you created.  I can’t thank you enough for creating such a beautiful gift card [to share with them my gift of a brick in their honor]. It is more than I had hoped for!! I found a perfect frame for it so it will be even more memorable than a card.  I know my parents will be thrilled with Mattie’s December Prayer poem and its message and will enjoy seeing their brick along with the other supporters of Mattie’s mission.


You have touched my heart deeply with your thoughtfulness and generosity.  You are an inspiring example of peace and I feel very grateful to be a part of Mattie’s mission to spread peace. We are looking forward to visiting the park again in the spring.


Ann DeMerlis (Ambler, PA)


****NOTE: Mattie’s Foundation now sends “gift cards” for those who are sponsoring a personalized brick as a gift for someone else.


November 2013


Jeni – It was wonderful to meet you a few weeks ago at the King Farm Safeway. I am sending a picture of my daughter Alina and Micah (the statue) from Mattie’s Park.  She visits Mattie and Micah on every trip!  – Warm regards, Rupal (– via e-mail)


August 2012


I am so grateful to you for your time this evening during my visit to Mattie’s Park and Peace Garden. It was an honor and a pleasure to chat with you about Mattie’s life and passion. Thank you for the car sticker – it will go on my car at home in the UK. –Dick Roberts (United Kingdom, Member of Mattie’s Peace Club , via e-mail)


****NOTE: Photos of Dick’s visit are in our Photo Gallery “Mattie’s Park — Visitors”


May 2012


We were privileged to visit Mattie’s Park yesterday with my family, and meeting Jeni. Peace is possible if we make it our choice. – Terry Waweru from Kenya (via Facebook)


So excited to visit Mattie’s park next week on our trip from Chicago to DC – Donna, Rich, & Sydney Gray from Michigan (via Facebook)


I walk often in Mattie’s Park, and almost always, no matter how pre-occupied I am, I stop to read one of his quotes, and my thoughts shift toward a sense of peace and wonder, about Mattie and the world. I am usually astounded by the genius of his remarks. Thank you for the privilege of working with you. – Delia McCormick, Maryland Real Estate Agent (via Facebook)

The first time I stood on the ground which was to become Mattie’s park was February 2007. The ground was frozen and the wind was nearly unbearable. February was not the best of times to visit Maryland but I knew I had to be there at that time. I had known since Mattie’s death he was to have a dramatic impact on my life. A spiritual crisis I had been experiencing for years was resolved through Mattie’s life and the faith he continues to share with the world. The last time I stood on the same ground was October 18, 2008, dedication day of the park. It was one of the most joyous events of my life. Mattie lives on, continues to help keep my life on track and reminds me of the value and necessity of having love and peace in our hearts. Love you Mattie! — Rita Thacker (via Facebook)



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