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Peace Seeker — June 2012

(& Summer 2013 Update Honoree!)

Jacob Jones






Jacob Jones has been selected by Mattie’s Foundation as a “Summer Spotlight Update” honoree. Each summer, we update some of our Spotlight Honorees from across the previous year, selecting those individuals, families, and organizations who have continued to make deliberate choices that spread peace in our world.


Jacob is a very active member of Mattie’s Peace Club Kids. He always responds to the “Messages from Mama Peace,” and he regularly sends poetry, artwork, photos, peace thoughts, and even a video to be posted on the website PCK pages. During June, he and his family made Mattie’s Park and Peace Garden in Rockville, MD a stop on their vacation route between Pittsburgh, PA and the Outer Banks, NC.  For Mattie’s birthday in July, Jacob sent some of his own money to support Mattie’s Foundation as a “Birthday Peace Champion.”

Jacob Jones’ original Spotlight feature is below on this page.


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2013 Summer Spotlight Update page.


(Visit our Peace Club Kids pages to enjoy Jacob’s peace posts!) 




Jacob Jones’ May 2012 Spotlight Feature

Ten-year-old Jacob Jones, is a 5th grade a student at Brookline Regional Catholic School in Pittsburgh, PA. He first learned about Mattie from a story on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Jacob said his mom was watching the show, and he looked up and saw someone named Jeni Stepanek talking about her son — a boy who wanted peace for our world. Interested in learning more, Jacob began asking his mom questions about Mattie, and about peace, and was soon reading Mattie’s Heartsongs books.


10 year old Jacob Jones, Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation “Peace Seeker” Spotlight for May/June 2012

“Because of Mattie, I want to be a peacemaker,” Jake said. “Peace matters to me because without peace, there will be more wars. I want all people to get along with each other and settle our problems without violence. Mattie inspires me to be a better person and give what I can to others. I  like to tell people about Mattie and his hope for peace. He inspired me to raise money for the MDA.  Now, I am saving for my own brick to be placed in in his park to support Mattie’s Foundation.” Jacob’s family also set up a “Matching Gift Campaign” through their work to support Mattie’s Foundation.


“I have been lucky enough to have visited Mattie’s Park a few times, and even help with the 2011 Peace Celebration,” Jacob said. During Spring, 2011, he and his family visited the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Park in Rockville, MD. During the trip, they met Mattie’s mom, and Jacob gave Jeni a poem he had written about peace.  Jacob also asked her many, many questions about Mattie, and about peace for our world. He said he wanted to learn more about being a peaceful person.


During the summer of 2011, Jacob volunteered his time to make ‘peace fish’ for the the “Hope is Real” Pathways Station at the 2011 Peace Celebration. Then he and his entire family traveled from Pittsburgh to Rockville, MD to “Volunteer for Peace” by serving as Station Guides.


Jacob emails Jeni on a regular basis, sharing his thoughts on peace — which include the struggles and challenges he faces as a child. Jacob wants peace, for himself and his family, for his friends and community, and for our world. “Sometimes, that is hard, because I get frustrated, or my feelings get hurt at school, or I argue with my brother. But I really, really want to be a peacemaker. I try to show my classmates how to settle an argument in a way that no one’s feelings get hurt and to accept everyone’s differences. I want to be kind. I want to help teach little kids what peace is all about.  I want to help spread Mattie’s message of peace and hope.”


“This picture hangs on my refrigerator to remind me to try to bring peace to others every day,” — Jacob Jones, Peace Seeker Spotlight, May/June 2012



Thank you, Jacob,

for being a Peace Seeker.





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