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Partnership Program (it’s FREE!)


The Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation partners with other peace-related organizations. We work with other organizations in ways that provide mutual benefits of outreach, awareness, and financial support. If you are fostering peace for individuals or communities in some way, then you may be interested in our Partnership Program.


Other non-profits or organizations that may have interest in our Partnership Programinclude those that foster peace in some way – perhaps tending to basic needs such as food, shelter, education, or healthcare; perhaps bringing hope to people who have disabilities, who have experienced some loss, or who face some challenge; or, perhaps educating youth or adults about peace, kindness, or positive communication.



The Partnership Program is FREE,
and brings awareness and financial support
to your organization and to ours.


Click here view our Partnership Program Brochure




How it works:

  • Partnership with the Mattie’s Foundation is easy.
  • You volunteer to share information about our Foundation on your website and/or other relevant methods.
  • You also provide information about the Gift Bricks that are placed in Mattie’s Peace Garden each year.
  • Gift Brick sponsorship supports our education and recreation outreach programs for youth and adults.


What you give:

  • You give time and energy to secure sponsors for a minimum of  FIVE GIFT BRICKS.
  • Gift bricks are sponsored for $199 each.
  • Be creative! Think of folks who would love to share a part of history, and see their name and message engraved inMattie’s Peace Garden.


 What you receive:

  • For each gift brick sponsored through our Partnership Program, your organization will receive $50 per brick to support your work.
  • We will also promote your organization and update your profile on our site each time you secure a sponsored brick.
  • We will share information about  your organization, your mission, and your website on our Partners page.



Meet Our Current Partners


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- Mattie J.T. Stepanek