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Congratulations to our

Peace Club Tweens!


What is a Peace Club Tween?

A Peace Club Tween is a member of our free

Mattie’s Peace Club Kids Program

who has chosen to create

or participate in a Peace Activity.



Kaylee Dobbins, 10, USA — “Jolly Good Deeds

Audrey Wibowo, 9, Indonesia — “Piece of Peace

Read more about our

Peace Activity Certificate

Tween Program below!


Click on the images

to learn more about each

PCTw Peace Activity!



to our newest Peace Club Tween:
Sadie Lynne Gerstle, 10, of Florida (USA)

Read Sadie’s Peace Activity profile below!




What is a Peace Activity?

Peace Activity can be an individual, family, class,

or group activity related to service, education,

awareness, or anything that helps another person,

or any group of people in our world.


How old is a Peace Club Tween?

Usually, a Peace Club Tween is about age 9 through 12 –

not quite old enough for our Peace Club Teens program,

but ready to “Reflect, Respond, & Reach Out with Peace”

— just like the teens who participate in our Teen Peace Journey,

and just like the adults and groups who choose to become

Peace Certified by Mattie’s Foundation.


Can a PCTw receive adult assistance?

We encourage parents, teachers, youth mentors, and

other adults and teens to support youth in their Peace Activity –

from planning to participation to providing a summary for this page.

We encourage youth to do what they can independently, and

we encourage adults and teens to guide and support

these youth as they move through their peace journey.

The goal to help young people understand and celebrate peace,

and move from “attitude to action” in choices for peace.


Can a PCTw earn more than one certificate?

Each year, all Peace Club Tweens are eligible

to receive a new Peace Activity Certificate.

They can do the same Peace Activity each year,

or  they can build on their Peace Activity

so that it impacts more people each year,

or they can create a new Peace Activity each year.

What matters most is that they are choosing peace,

and moving from attitude to action.


What are PCTw Peace Activities like?

We are very, very proud of our Peace Club Tweens.

Please click on the names and links below to read more about

the Peace Activity each PCTw participated in or created.


How can a PCK become a PCTw?

If you are a Peace Club Kid and would like to earn your

Peace Club Tween Certificate,

e-mail Mama Peace (

for information and support on your Peace Activity Journey!


Click here to learn more about

Peace Club membership.


Click here to sign up!



Our Peace Club Tweens

Click on the Peace Activity links below to learn more!



Sadie Lynne Gerstle, Age 10

Florida, USA


Peace Activity 2014

Sadie’s Fundraiser for Peace
(Benefitting Mattie’s Foundation)
—> Click here to read her profile… 


Type of Activity:
- Peace Awareness — Mattie’s story and message
- Fundraiser for peace (to support Mattie’s Foundation)
- Sadie raised more than $615 during her two fundraisers!



Kaylee Dobbins, Age 10

Maryland, USA


Peace Activity 2013:

Jolly Good Deeds

(click here to


Type of Activity:

Ongoing Service Project


Click here to read Kaylee’s December 2012



Kaylee Dobbins: Makes Top Ten Interesting People List
Click here to read the 2013 story: DC Spotlight Newspaper


2014 — Updates from Kaylee on Jolly Good Deeds



Audrey Wibowo, Age 9

Banten, Indonesia


Peace Activity 2013:

Piece of Peace

(click here to


Type of Activity:

Peace Poetry & Education Project

Also a fundraiser for Mattie’s Foundation


Coming soon (December 2013): Audrey’s






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