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The newest sponsored bricks
will be installed on
JULY 2, 2018 – beginning 10 am
(1800 Piccard Drive, Rockville, MD 20850)
Photos to be posted on the 2018 brick page HERE…

The next order will be placed EITHER during Fall 2017
(if we receive at least 50 sponsorships by then) OR
during Spring 2018 (regardless of the number of sponsorships).
Click on the 2017-2018 link for inscriptions…


The Peace Garden in the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Park, Rockville, Maryland is a living tribute to Mattie, a young poet and peace advocate. It represents pathways to peace, and allows visitors to reflect on Mattie’s message, play chess, or simply appreciate life – even with its ups and downs. Throughout the Peace Garden is a ‘mosaic of bricks’ – representing Mattie’s vision of the world and humanity as a mosaic of gifts to be nurtured and offered and accepted.


Sponsoring a personalized gift brick is a great way to highlight your organization, celebrate friends and loved ones, represent a cause, offer a message, share a memory, or simply support the work of Mattie’s Foundation. Mattie’s Foundation usually orders and installs Gift Bricks in the Peace Garden once or twice a year.


100 percent of your Gift Brick sponsorship may be used a tax deduction.


NEW: Upon request, Mattie’s Foundation will send a “gift card”
to you or the person/group being honored with a personalized brick
in Matite’s Park & Peace Garden.
The cards vary by season, but each one will have a photo of
Mattie’s statue and a quote or poem by Mattie,
along with personalized information about the
brick being sponsored (donor, recipient, inscription…). 

Click here to visit our Peace Shop and

sponsor your brick today for only $199!



Only $175 for Peace Club General members,

and $150 for Peace Club VIP members!

SUMMER 2016 SALE — 25 percent off
Order your brick for only $150 here…
SALE ENDS: August 17, 201


Group and bulk sponsorships also available for a discount price.


———- OR ———


Click here to download our 

Brick Order Mail-in Form




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Current Brick Sponsorship Page
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2017 Brick Inscriptions & Photos 


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Learn about our Gift Brick

Partnership Program here





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NOTE: The Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation reserves the right and discretion to refuse sponsorships or messages deemed inappropriate for Mattie’s Peace Garden. Payment received (minus a small transaction fee) will be refunded for any personalized brick order we choose not to process.






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- Mattie J.T. Stepanek