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Share your Teacher Tip or Lesson Plan
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Teaching children and teens about peace matters.


Peace Certification is for individuals (parents, teachers, counselors),

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Teaching Peace –
Information and links from Mattie’s Foundation

—-  to support peace education for youth and adults. 
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Template guides — create or share your peace activities: 

—-> (Download our Peace Activity Certificate Tool here…)

—-> (Download our Teacher Tips & Lesson Plan Template here…)


Interesting Article Links:


Peace Activity Certificate (FREE)
— for individuals, families, schools & community groups


SUMMARY: We have added  a ”Peace Activity Certificate” to our Peace Certification journey. There is no cost to the participant for this resource. We invite individuals, families, teachers, schools, communities and more to share their personal “reflect, respond, and reach out with peace” activity, lesson plan, or project with us:

  • Reflect — Your activity, lesson plan, or project can be rooted in any quote, poem, or book by Mattie.
  • Respond – It can take any creative, recreational, or educational shape for any class subject or community event.
  • Reach Out – It can impact one other person, family, or classroom, or countless others around the world.


1) Plan a peace activity or lesson, and use our brief Peace Activity Certificate Tool (will be posted SOON) to share information with us. Send the PAC Tool to us along with any photos, social media links, or other information you would like posted. We will send  you your certificate and celebrate you on our website!

Please note that the PAC Tool is a template guide to support your peace activity — you are welcome to modify it in any way that works best for you.


2) Participate as a group (family, class, school, business, community) in any of the free outreach activities sponsored by Mattie’s Foundation and share information (message, photos, sample materials) with us. We encourage you to use the PAC Tool for sharing information about your activity, though it is not required if your are participating in a Foundation outreach activity.



What Teachers Are Sharing

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to see photos and learn about
activities that involve Mattie’s books or life story
as created or shared by educators and families

Send us your photos and messages and
inspire other teachers, students, and families!
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Teacher Tips & Lesson Plans…



Teaching Peace –

Information and links from Mattie’s Foundation
 to support peace education for youth and adluts 


Ideas from Mattie’s mom


Foundation Peace Tips & Poetry Links


From Our Peace Certified Educators & Communities


From Teachers, Parents & Counselors

(preschool, elementary, middle school, high school,

special needs, youth groups, after school programs)


From the Internet

(Reviewed by Mattie’s Foundation)


From Educators, Business Leaders & Students

(high school, college, university,

community groups, businesses, book clubs)


Click here to download our suggested

Teacher Tip & Lesson Plan Template

(you are welcome to submit your own template as well)


Please e-mail completed forms to



Please NOTE: All Lesson, Activity, Attitude, and Action Plans submitted and posted on our site are the property of the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation. The posted Plans will ALWAYS CREDIT the name of the person, school, or group submitting the Plan. The Plans will never be sold or used in any way other than to support our mission of spreading peace and Mattie’s message through education.




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