Peace & Book Chats

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If you would like to schedule a

 Peace & Book Chat

for your book or study group or as a

part of your Peace Certification Journey

please e-mail


Jeni Stepanek hosts online video discussions covering topics such as:


  • Peace — Understanding Mattie’s vision for personal and world peace and making choices that celebrate that vision in our everyday lives.

  • Hope — Reflecting on Mattie’s belief that “hope is real” and considering ways to embrace hope despite a mix of blessings and burdens in life.

  • Heartsongs — Exploring Mattie’s books and poetry and essays (one book at a time, or a handful of select poems or essays at a time) from both developmental and thematic perspectives.

  • Pathways to Peace — Focus on or more of the many elements that are embedded in Mattie’s message of hope and peace, and that are the basis of our Pathways to Peace and Peace Certification programs.

  • Messenger — Discussion of Jeni’s book  about Mattie’s life and legacy, as well as her ongoing mission of spreading Mattie’s message around the world.



Click here to see samples of current activities… 


If you would information about donation levels

or about scheduling a Peace & Book Chat

please e-mail us with a statement of your interest

or send a message through our Contact Us page.







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- Mattie J.T. Stepanek