Year-Round Activities (Free & Fun)

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Peace Campaigns, Peace Projects,
Peace Poetry, Peace Messages,
Peace Links, & Peace Certificates…

Activities and endeavors (many are free!)
filled with inspiration and information
for people of all ages, faith, and nationalities. 


Throughout each year, Mattie’s Foundation invites global citizens to participate in inspirational and informational activities and campaigns. Many of these endeavors grow from our annual and seasonal outreach activities. Participation is always free (though donations are always encouraged). 


Our goal in maintaining these year-round activities is to encourage global neighbors — around the block and around the world – to move from attitude to action with their peace choices, so that peace moves from being a possibility to becoming a reality.  



Click on the headings below
to learn more about each of these
Year-Round Activities


Mattie’s Peace Day

—Learn about our campaign and journey towards
—-an annual day for beginning and celebrating peace HERE...


Teaching Peace

— a quick guide to why and how,
——and links to the many education resources
——offered by Mattie’s Foundation



“For Our World” Campaign

—Download your free copy of Mattie’s 9/11 poem and
—- share your own video, translation, or project HERE…


“December Prayer” Project

—Download your free copy of Mattie’s winter passage
—-and share your own video, translation, or project HERE… 


What Next? Project

Learn about Mattie’s “Three Choices for Peace
—-and this extension of the For Our World Campaign HERE…


Peace Activity Certificates

—Earn a Peace Activity Certificate by
—-sharing your family, class, or community
—–peace activity rooted in Mattie’s message HERE…

—See our growing list of PAC recipients HERE…


Peace Tips & Poetry Links

—Explore ideas for using Mattie’s poetry t0 create
——peace activities, lessons plans, and projects HERE


Teacher Tips & Lesson Plans

—Explore ideas for using Mattie’s poetry t0 create
——lesson plans/activities across many subjects HERE…

— Download our free tool – 
——- Teacher Tips & Lesson Plans Template HERE...


e-Peace Updates

—Receive information about Mattie’s Foundation
—-including mission, inspiration, information,
—-poetry and quote selections, activities, events, more…
—-sent through our secure e-mail system 4-6 times a year… 


Mama Peace Messages

—Explore Mattie’s peace message as a family or classroom
—-with seasonal  content focused towards youth, including
—-developmentally=appropriate discussion/activity tips HERE


Pathways to Peace Program options

—Choose to simply reflect on peace, or to respond to peace,
—-or to reach out with peace by becoming a participant in one
—-of our program levels (network, club, or certification) HERE… 

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November Spotlight

Peace Seeker

Our Peace Seeker Spotlights honor our Peace Club Youth members -- and the families, educators, and mentors who choose to support these Kids, Tweens, and Teens in learning and celebrating that “peace is possible.” Read more...

Peace Maker

Our Peace Maker Spotlights honor our Peace Club General & VIP members – adults who "choose peace" and offer a small membership fee that supports our activities and programs, including the free activities offered to our youth members. Read more...

Peace Bringer

Our Peace Bringer Spotlights honor our Peace Activity Certificate and Peace Certification Program participants – individuals, families, educators, schools, communities, and more who choose to move from “attitude to action” with peace. Read more...

Peace Sponsor

Our Peace Sponsor Spotlights honor our Champions, Advocates, and Program Messengers – individuals, organizations, and businesses whose financial or in-kind contributions support the mission and work of Mattie’s Foundation. Read more...

- Mattie J.T. Stepanek