#HomeRunsForPeace — A Big Hit!!!

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Peace Club Kid Raises
$500 for Mattie’s Foundation
Hitting #HomeRunsForPeace 

11-year-old William Forrester of Madison, NJ, hits another
of his #HomeRunsForPeace, which earned him another
$100 in his fundraising effort for Mattie’s Foundation. 


William Forrester — A Big Hit for Peace!

Charlotte and William Forrester during a 2011 visit to Mattie’s Park and conversation with “Mama Peace” (Jeni Stepanek – Mattie’s mom).


Back in 2011, Daniel Forrester decided to take his children to the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Park one last time before the family moved from Maryland to their new home in Madison, New Jersey.
As they were packing up to leave, William (age 6) and Charlotte (age 4) ran into Mattie’s mom, Jeni Stepanek, who was taking Mattie’s service dog, Micah, for a walk in the Peace Garden area.
The connection led to a conversation about Mattie, and about hope and peace, and about the good choices any person can make in attitude and action — even young children. William and Charlotte both said that like Mattie, they believed that “Peace is possible.” And like Mattie, they both promised that they would “Choose peace!”
A year later, when Mattie’s Foundation launched the Peace Club programs, William and Charlotte were some of the first “Kids” to sign up for the free youth division of the program. And across the years, their dad has sent photos and artwork and peace messages and more for the Peace Club Kids webpages — keeping his children connected with peace, and inspired by Mattie’s message, and conversing with Mattie’s mom.

Charlotte and William Forrester during a 2011 visit to the Peace Garden in Mattie’s Park in Maryland, before their family move to New Jersey.

Now 11 years old and an avid baseball fan and player, William went above and beyond in his commitment to “Choose peace!” this year. As he was considering ways to support Mattie’s Foundation, his dad offered to sponsor his effort with $100 for every home run he hit during the 2016 baseball season. The total funds raised would then be donated to Mattie’s Foundation at the end of the season.
And wow — William’s choice was “a big hit!” He raised $500 with what he now calls #HomeRunsForPeace!
When asked why this mattered to him, William responded,  ”I wanted to hit home runs for Mattie because I love that he stood for peace.  Every ball over the fence meant one hundred more dollars so the Foundation can fund peace.”
And wow — at Mattie’s Foundation, we are grateful! What a wonderful gift to support the Mission and work we do. William’s donation will be used to support two specific elements of our Pathways to Peace Program.

    • Part of the donation will be used to provide the materials needed for a youth activity during the next Peace Gathering in Mattie’s Park — a free event that brings people together on July 4, to explore and celebrate Mattie’s “Three Choices for Peace” through crafts and conversation and games and activities, before enjoying the City of Rockville’s fireworks party and display in the park.
    • Part of the donation will be used to update the Peace Club Youth (Kids & Teens) pages on Mattie’s website — where information and inspiration and suggested peace crafts and games and activities are offered at no cost to global youth and families. During 2015 and 2016, the Mattie’s Peace Club programs were “on hiatus” while Mattie’s mom — who is known as “Mama Peace” and runs the programs — went through treatment for cancer. -

Charlotte and William Forrester during 2012, celebrating peace as “Peace Clubs Kids” in Mattie’s Foundation.


The Forrester family hopes that their “peace choice” and financial support serves as inspiration for other youth and families — who may perhaps participate in their own #HomeRunsForPeace or other “attitude to action to donation” support for peace work through the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation.
As for William, next year, he plans on “hitting TEN home runs for Mattie, and for peace!”

Thank you, William!

We are cheering for you, and for peace!


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