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to learn more about our programs, events, outreach, and materials.


Programs & Projects

Pathways to Peace Program

–resources and tools for understanding Mattie’s message of Heartsongs and purpose, and for exploring key elements of Mattie’s peace message.


Teaching Peace

– a quick guide to why an dhow, and links to the many educational resources offered by Mattie’s Foundation —-> CLICK HERE…


Peace Certification Program 

– a supported personal or community peace journey from attitude to action; participants reflect on Mattie’s message, respond to the message, and then reach out with a peace activity.


Peace Activity Certificates (General)
– a free celebration and recognition of peace activities, lesson plans, or projects for individuals, families, classrooms, and communities of all sizes. A great way to try out basic elements of our Peace Certification process.


Peace Journey Certificates (Teen Program)

– a supported journey through Mattie’s Three Choices for Peace, similar to our Peace Certification Program for adults.


Peace Activity Certificates (Tween Program)

– a supported journey for our older Peace Club Kids who are ready to create or participate in a Peace Activity.


Kids Peace Gallery (Birth through 12 years)

– pages to celebrate artwork, photos, poetry, and peace activities of our Peace Club Kids.


For Our World Campaign

– free downloadable translations of Mattie’s 9/11 poem; we always welcome additional translations!


What Next? Project

– putting Mattie’s peace vision into word and action


December Prayer Project

– free print and video translations from and for global neighbors, celebrating Mattie’s message: “Let’s say a prayer, this season, together, for peace.”


Mattie’s Peace Club (Membership)

– Membership program with levels for all ages, for those who want to learn more about peace, receive updates and suggested conversation and activity ideas, Peace Shop discounts, Foundation updates (e-Peace or Mama Peace depending on age), and other benefits.

       Youth Membership (Birth through 12)

       Teen Membership (13-19)

       General Membership (Adults)

        VIP Membership (Any age)

        Messengers (Individual & Group Sponsors)


Mosaic of Messages (Gift Bricks)

– personal messages from individuals, groups, or businesses engraved on bricks in Mattie’s Peace Garden, and shared on Mattie’s website.


Matite J.T. Stepanek Park & Peace Garden

– a 26+ acre award-winning recreation facility created to express Mattie’s peace message and imagery, located at 1800 Piccard Drive, Rockville, MD 20850



Events & Activities

Presentations & School Chats

– for organizations, businesses, schools, places of worship, retirement communities, and more! (can be arranged as a professional presentation/keynote or as a part of our Peace Certification Program).


Peace & Book Chats

– live online video chats with Mattie’s mom, about peace, about hope, about a book club discussion, about a class project, about a family peace plan, and more!


Peace Celebrations & Gatherings

– because peace is fun!


Mattie Stepanek Peace Day (July 17)

– the Proclamation for this was created by Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD), supported by Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) and Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, and  is currently on President Barack Obama’s desk for a Mattie Stepanek National Day of Peace. Peace is bipartisan — please support this effort — send a letter of support!


Make Peace the News 

– our annual free, fun, international SPRING/SUMMER (May-August) outreach activity that celebrates our theme for the year (2015 theme: Peace matters… and peace is for all people). A simple, free activity celebrating global peace expressions!


Mattie’s Peace Trees

– our annual free, fun, international FALL/WINTER (October-January) outreach activity that celebrates our theme for the year (2015 theme: Peace matters… and peace is for all people) A simple global peace activity celebrated on our website!


Mattie’s Peace Poetry

– an occasional free outreach project celebrating a select peace poem by Mattie with activities for youth and adults around the world.


Mattie’s Heartsong Swim

– fundraiser events held by the King Farm Swim team


Peace Activities & Events

– browse our Activities & Events pages, there are lots of things going on!



Outreach & Connections

 e-Peace Updates

– peace messages (information and inspiration) from Mattie’s Foundation


Messages from Mama Peace

– peace thoughts and conversation/activity suggestions for our Peace Club Kids and Peace Club Teens


Peace Club Kid pages

Peace Club Kids Gallery, Birthday Page, Mama Peace Messages, and more!


Peace Club Tween pages

Peace Club Tween Peace Activity pages and posts


Peace Club Teen pages

Peace Club Teens peace posts, Teen Peace Journey, Mama Peace Messages, and more!


Peace Journey Teen Updates

– celebrating our Peace Club Teens who move through Mattie’s Three Choices for Peace!


Peace Certification Peace Plan pages

– celebrating our Peace Certified People and Communities!


Spotlight Feature (Honorees)

– featuring role models who seek, make, bring, and/or sponsor peace!


Mattie’s Peace Network (Registry)

– Free international registry (data base is never shared with others) for those who want to receive information from Mattie’s Foundation, including our e-Peace Updates.


Peace Posts – Around the World

– messages from global citizens about peace, Mattie’s Foundation, and more.


Partnership Program (Mutual Support)

– how your organization can benefit from our Mosaic of Gift Bricks program!


Collaborative Efforts (Mutual Goals)

– organizations working together to share hope and peace!


Champion Giving opportunities

– your support helps us fulfill our mission and continue our programs!


Foundation Advocates (in-kind support)

– businesses and individuals sharing materials or services to support our work!


What You Are Saying pages

– from parents and educators, politicians and global teens, and more!


e-Peace Updates

– information and inspiration from Mattie’s Foundation about Mattie’s message and peace efforts.


Social Media Connections

– we are on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!



Resources & Materials

 On our pages (free) — 


For Our World translations


December Prayer Project – translations and videos


Teacher Tips & Lesson Plans


Peace Tips & Poetry Links


Gallery Pages (Photo, Video, Print)


Parent and Family Page


“Moved by a Messenger”


Foundation News


e-Peace Updates


Press & News Releases






ÂÂIn our Peace Shop —


Books and Music


Peace Club Membership Forms


Peace Certification Program Forms


Pathways to Peace materials


Peace Tips Guide


T-shirts, bumper stickers, and more


Personalized Gift Bricks in Mattie’s Park


Special Peace Items (combos, incentives…) 


Peace Shop Guide (summary page) 



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January Spotlight

May 5 at Botanero

Cinco de Mayo Partnership Fiesta - FREE ENTRY - All Day Happy Hour & food specials, Music by DJ Genius, ZamDance performances -- join us for a fundraising party that celebrates peace and acceptance! Read more...

June 2 at Dawson's

Mosaics & Music: Make Peace the News -- join us for wine & apps, music & mosaic unveiling, conversation & celebration at a fundraising gathering to promote peace! Early Bird Tickets $25 ($30 at the door). Read more...

June 21 and 22

Celebrating Mattie’s life & legacy – 15-year anniversary Mass on June 22 (11 am) at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Derwood, MD, followed by a reception hosted by Mattie's Guild - ALL ARE WELCOME. Read more...

July 13 in King Farm

2019 Peace Day Celebration – join us for a FREE street fair (1-5 pm), all day food & drink specials (1-8 pm), and a Happy Hour Dance Party (5-8 pm) – arts, crafts, music, performers, cake, moon bounce… Read more...

- Mattie J.T. Stepanek