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(sample interviews):


Mattie’s Foundation: Campaign for a National Peace Day &
 — City of Rockville Recognition and Support (July 2014) 


Mattie’s 10-Year Memorial Mass
 — June 22, 2014 (Franciscan Monastery)

Message from Jeni Stepanek during
 — Mattie’s 10-Year Memorial Mass (June 22, 2014)


Jeni Stepanek Brings Peaceful Message to
Pangborn Elementary Students (June 2013) article on 1st Peace Certified School


My Hero: Peacemaker Hero, May 2012
Dr. Jeni Stepanek – Interview/Article
 by 2012 GTL Slater Jewell-Kemker


DC Spotlight: October, 2011
Jeni Stepanek #1 Most Interesting Person
 Interview with Wendy Thompson


Her Exchange: Spotlight on Inspiration: Spring, 2011
 Remembering Mattie interview with Jeni Stepanek


Excerpt from “Messenger” by Jeni Stepanek,
as posted on (May, 2011)


Free Lemonade Stories: (June, 2011)
Dr. Jeni Stepanek Offers Lemonade to the World


Peace  is Possible: Elephant Journal
Blog on For Our World (June, 2011)


LifeCoach Blog Interview (Spring, 2011)
with Jeni Stepanek, Ph.D.


Oprah’s Most Memorable Guests story,
 as posted on (May, 2011)


UK MailOnline journal story on “Messenger” (2010)


Jeni Stepanek on PBS Religion & Ethics Newsweekly,
Faith and Grief Interview (November, 2009)


Local People with Disabilities/Hope for World
Catholic Standard (Fall, 2008)


Reflections on Mattie’s life and inspiration from a blogger… 


Jeni Stepanek Earns Ph.D. & Award
University of Maryland (Spring, 2008)
A Conversation with Dr. Jeni Stepanek
University of Maryland (Spring, 2008) 


When a Child is Grieving (Summer, 2007
MDA Quest Article (interview w/Jeni Stepanek)







March Spotlight

In-Kind Support

Celebrating our "in kind" sponsors and advocates -- who support Mattie's Foundation with services and materials. Thank you ezStorage, Montgomery Printing, Parcel Plus, and Potomac Valley Brick! Read more...

Nourishment Support

Celebrating our "nourishment" sponsors and advocates -- who support Mattie's Foundation with food and services. Thank you Botanero Restaurant, Fontina Grille, Safeway, Coffee Republic, and Red Hot & Blue! Read more...

Community Support

Celebrating our "community" sponsors and advocates -- who support Mattie's Foundation with commitment and participation. Thank you City of Rockville, King Farm Citizen's Assembly, Kick's Karate & Mix 107.3! Read more...

Champion Support

Celebrating our "Foundation Champions" -- sponsors and volunteers of all ages who support Mattie's Foundation through donations, brick sponsorships, participation in our activities and events. Thank you!!! Read more...

- Mattie J.T. Stepanek