On “Interrupting Peace” Statement

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Your Thoughts…

On “Interrupting Peace” Statement
by Jeni Stepanek, Ph.D. 

e-Peace Update feedback

Your responses to
“Just thoughts — on interrupted peace”

(click on this link to read the statement –
originally posted 12/15/2012
– still relevant today)


I am always proud and grateful to see Mattie’s words and ideas promulgated. Thank you for the heroic effort. Love, and best wishes, Jimmy. – Former US President Jimmy Carter (Georgia). 


Dearest Jeni, I have been thinking a lot about you lately and praying for you and your family. Your response to the tragedy is the most beautiful and meaningful response I have heard. Thank you for your thoughtfulness sharing this message of peace. This encouraging guidance helps to make peace possible. Wishing you a peaceful holiday season and healthy, meaningful 2013. — With much love and gratitude, Dara (Maryland).


I posted your message earlier today — “reflection on peace beyond tragedy. ‘Hope is real, even in the darkest of moments’”-lots of retweets. We need Mattie’s message now. — Raymond Arroyo (EWTN’s The World Over).


Please send this to all our politicians! — Neida McKee Murray.


So smart and so centered he was – how they say an “wise soul.” Spoken with such clarity and absoption of all surroundings. I am truly glad he got a mommy like you to continue his legacy of “how to pick up a book and make it a brighter day.” Luv u Mattie, Nate. — Nathan Bawks.


What a thoughtful and beautiful email.  — Angela J. Cotellessa, Federal Executive Institute, Special Projects Division, Executive Office of the President. 


Jeni: Thank you for sharing Mattie’s message with your thoughts & prayers for peace.  Mattie’s message was what first came to mind in the latest tragedy.  I knew you would prove to be comforting to the families who’s hearts are broken.  You are so good with words & relaying Mattie’s message. I pray his message touches more & more.  He knew so much of what is truly important.  I pray you are doing ok & can continue to share Mattie’s message. — Marrianne Maurice (Pennsylvania).

I wanted to say thank you for the (Interrupted Peace) e-mail and perhaps one of the best responses (ever). Thank you for your courage and patience as well to say some things that are much needed these days in your letter. What is needed is a heart change through divine intervention and a recognition of the Lord’s words to us; “Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.” God bless you and peace to you as well. I have forwarded your e-mail to Bishop Sigrist. — T. Byron Kelly (Appalachia).


Hi Jeni, I can hear Mattie speaking through you of your message today in regard to peace.  The sign we often see in catalogs “Because Nice Matters” should hang in all of our houses.   Peace matters, kindness matters.  For the life of me I don’t understand these senseless acts of violence instead of random acts of kindness even though I study human personalities. — Peace, Eileen.


Thank you for this very relevant & edifying articulation of peace. — Advent blessings, Janet.


Yes, we do need Mattie’s message of peace and hope more than ever before. – Judy Winters (Author – Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs).


Thank you Mama Peace, your message for Peace to the world is beyond boundaries, and thank you for reminding us its a choice of attitude and action. God bless. — Terry Waweru (Nairobi, Kenya).


When incidents like Friday happen, I find myself thinking of Mattie and his courageous and persistent way of getting the message of peace to everyone! His amazing spirit still shines so bright! – Tammy Daniel Worton (Maryland).


That was a very meaningful message. Jeni, I thank you for the picture about Mattie Stepanek, and about his his thoughts about Peace — Respectfully yours, Thomas L. Van Dusen (Canada). 


Take care of those little ones in Heaven, Mattie! — Megan Muenz Sherman.


Thank you for sending this important message with your thoughts out to all that follow you and Mattie’s Foundation. It has been overwhelming to take in all the unimaginable issues going on in the news, sometimes you have to shut it off, find your center and get your adrenalin back up to be able to call to action, those of whom can “Make A Difference.” I am friends with many Law Enforcement, Firefighting & 1st Responders from all over the globe. It was on their site that one of them sent this out. It was sent to them from one of the Mom’s of the Aurora Colorado Shooting Victims, if memory serves me. By the Grace of God & Devotion of us, whom speak on Peace, May this become, a Better world for all the future generations Much Love & Prayers For peace. Yours Truly, — Sherri Bartley (Canada).


Beautiful Jeni. You said what all of us cannot put into words. — Pattie Calloway.


Jeni, you have taught me to understand peace. I’m someone who needs to be taught things. I don’t identify as a Catholic but you have taught me deep respect for Catholics and people of other denominations. Thankyou. It’s so hard to believe it’s been more than 10 years since Mattie died. He will always be our peacemaker in heaven. When saying yes, what a testimony of love. Much love to you from me. — - Mary Egger (Australia).


Thanks, Jeni. We all needed to be reminded of these simple facts today. — Stacey Leigh MacKinnon (Canada).



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