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Become Peace Certified

by Mattie’s Foundation!


Reflect, Respond, & Reach Out with Peace!  

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Peace Certification

Participants & Peace Plans 

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Pathways to Peace (P2P)
Trainees & Communities


2016 P2P Workshop Participants/Communities
Training: August 19-20, Baltimore, MD
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Nikki Akparewa 
– Baltimore, MD
– Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
Nasreen Bahreman – Baltimore, MD
– Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
– KIPP School & Rales Health Center
Diana Baptiste – Baltimore, MD 
– Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
Laura Bauer 
– Americus, GA
–  Rosalynn Carter Institute, caregiving 
Kendra Cornwell – Baltimore, MD
– Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
Rev. Jayne Feldman – Upperco, MD
interfaith, women & spirituality 
Robert Galinsky  – New York, NY
Literacy for Incarcerated Teens (LIT)
– Rikers Island & Brentwood youth detention centers
Max Jones  – Canada  & Winter Park, FL
3DD Global Teen Leader
Reagan Leibowitz-Smith – Bethesda, MD
school, autism community
Barry McConatha – Americus, GA
Stacey McKinnon PhD -- Prince Edward Island, Canada
University of PEI (college professor)
– Immanuel Christian School (parent)
Christine McComas – Woodbine, MD
Grace’s Law, anti-bullying,
– online communities & forums

Tilsim Newman – Hagerstown, MD
Pangborn Elementary School
– ESL, youth & education “peace climate”
Barbara O’Connor – Hagerstown, MD
– Pangborn Elementary School 
Chijioke Okeke-Ekpe – Baltimore, MD
– Johns Hopkins School of Nursing – student
– education

Rev. Faith Reid – Baltimore, MD
Bethel A.M.E. Church
– youth ministry
Cynda Rushton, PhD  – Baltimore, MD
Johns Hopkins School of Nursing – faculty
– education & ethics

Rev. Christian Savage  – Baltimore, MD
Bethel A.M.E. Church
– youth ministry

Terri Shannon – Baltimore, MD
Mount Pleasant Church
– youth ministry

Rev. John Shearin – Baltimore, MD
Mount Pleasant Church
– youth ministry 

Andrea Smith – Bethesda, MD
school, scouts, autism community 
Jackie Stone – Baltimore, MD
– Kennedy Krieger Institute
– public health, leadership training
Kim Talbot – Columbia, MD
school & civic community 


Peace Certified People & Families


Delia Palacios Dorothy Dimick 
Registered — Summer 2012 Registered — Summer 2012
Apopka, FL California
Edcuator & Peace Club Member Photography Business
Goal: Peace Certified Educator Goal: Peace Cert’d Business Owner
Peace Plan: Kindness Wreaths Peace Plan: 
Certification Date: 2013 Certification Date: 
Other: Other:
- -


The Esaia Family 

Stacey MacKinnon, PhD

Registered — Fall 2012

Registered — Summer 2013

Mount Laurel, NJ

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Mattie’s Peace Club Members Peace Club Member & Professor
Goal: Peace Certified Family Goal 1: Peace Certified Educator
Peace Plan: Blessed Peacemakers Goal 2: Peace Certified Family
Certification Date:  Peace Plan: Make Peace Happen
 - Certification Date: 
Other: Other:
- -


Roxanne Brayford

The Jones Family

Registered — Summer 2013

Registered — Summer 2013
Alberta, Canada

Pittsburgh, PA

Mattie’s Peace Club Member Mattie’s Peace Club Members
Goal: Peace Certified Person Goal: Peace Certified Family
Peace Plan: Certification Date: 2015
Certification Date:  Certification Date: 
 -  -
Other: Other:
- -


Sr. Pauline Petruzella Justin LeBlanc
Registered — Summer 2013 Registered — Spring 2015
Sisters of Mercy OLSH Other info
Buffalo, NY Louisianna
Goal: Peace Certified Person Goal: Peace Certified Person
Certification Date: 2014ace Plan: Peace Plan:
Certification Date: Certification Date: 
-  -
Other: Other:
- -


Jan Seiden Name
Registered — Summer 2014 Registered –
info coming soon Other info
Goal: Peace Certified Person Goal: Peace Certified Person
Certification Date: Summer 2015 Peace Plan:
Certification Date: 
-  -
Other: Other:
 -  -

Peace Certified Communities (Small)


LemonAID Warriors

Ms. Romero’s 4th Grade Class

Registered – Summer 2013

Class Journey 1: 2013-2014 ——–
Class Journey 2: 2014-2015

California (with a global reach)

Morningside Elementary School——-
Ms. Alba Romero’s 4th Grade

Lead: Lulu Cerone California, USA
Goal: Peace Certified Non-Profit Goal: Peace Certified Classroom
Peace Plan: Fundraiser to support Mattie’s Foundation (and other ongoing global peace work, outreach, & Peace Club Teens activities) Peace Plan: “Our Loving Tribute to Mattie J.T. Stepanek” – letter writing in English & Spanish about Mattie, Heartsongs, & peace. Published book.
Certification Date: 2014 Certification Date:  2014 ———-
Certification Date:  2015 
Other: View Lulu’s PCT page Other:
2014 book info —
Click here for Lulu’s website - Click here for info/samples…. 
—> 2015 book information —
—–Click here for info/samples….  
-Click here to view information on    Teacher Tip  & Lesson Plan:
 “Peace Story/Tree” class activity Click here for Ms. Romero’s  
   -  “Our Loving Tribute” LESSON PLAN
——->(this plan was used 2013-14, and again with revisions & expansion during 2014-15) 
- -

Huneven’s Music Studio -
Journey completed: Spring 2014 -
Youth Violin Class Students, ———Montgomery County, Maryland -
Lead: Doree Huneven -
Goal: Peace Certified Class Goal: 
Peace Plan: The Gift of Music — learning skills, and sharing talents. Peace Plan: 
Certification Date: 2014
Certification Date: 2015
Certification Date:
Other: View Peace Activity here… Other:
Click here for photos/videos
- 2015 Update photos coming soon 

Peace Certified Communities (Large)


Pangborn Elementary School

Ingleside at King Farm

Registered — Spring 2013

Registered — Summer 2013

Hagerstown, MD

Rockville, MD

Lead: Tilsim Newman (ESL teacher)

Lead: Richard Thayer
Goal: Peace Certified School Goal: Peace Certified Community
Peace Plan: Recipe for Peace —-Certification Date: June 2013 Peace Plan: Peace Quilts
Other: View 2012 Peace Plan Certification Date: 
View PES news story Other:  View Peace Plan
 New 2013-2014 Peace Plan -View July/Aug ’13 News Articles
  -View PES Peace Post Updates! -View Foundation News page
 Recipe for Peace Translations -Peace is Fun IKF Picnic pix!
– View 10/2013 Peace Chat story -View Peace Journey & Walk
  -View 1/2014 Peace Chat story -View Peace Certification &
 View 4/2014 Peace Chat —–Peace Quilt story HERE… 
– View 6/2014 Peace Chat  IKF Chaplain remarks here…




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