Peace Club Teens

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Welcome Peace Club Teens!



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Mattie’s Peace Club was created to support the mission and vision
of the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation,
which is to spread a message of hope and peace for all people.


Teen Members of Mattie’s Peace Club receive a Peace Club Teen certificate,

and may submit poetry, artwork, essays, photography,

and peace thoughts for our Peace Club Teens page.


Peace Club Teens also have the option of making a free Peace Journey

from “Peace Club Teen” to “Peace Teen Ambassador” 

as they move sequentially through

Mattie’s ‘Three Choices for Peace’

with a project they create, put into action, and share.


Peace Journey Teens are supported
by members of Mattie’s Foundation as they
reflect on Mattie’s message,
then respond to the message,
and reach out to others with a message of  peace.

This journey may earn Community Service Hours for school,

and can be a great addition on college application forms. 


Peace Journey — 

Peace Teen to Peace Ambassador through Mattie’s Three Choices: 


Begin your Peace Journey:

Choose to be a Peace Club Teen

=====Sign up! 



Read more: Peace Club Teens Membership & Reflection page


Read this month’s Message from Mama Peace here



First, choose to be a Peace Seeker Teen

==== Want peace! 



Read more: Peace Seeker Teens & Peace Posts page


Second, choose to be a Peace Maker Teen

—–Live peace! 



Read more: Peace Maker Teens & Project Plan page here



Third, choose to be a Peace Bringer Teen

====– Share peace! 


  • Mattie said, “Make peace a reality for all people in all spaces of the world — share it.”
  • Present your project to an ‘outside group.’ Perhaps another classroom or local school, perhaps to a civic group or in a place of worship, perhaps on Facebook, perhaps to a local community organization.
  • Learn about your audience before you share, so that you know what their needs and issues are related to peace. Using this knowledge, inspire the group to want to choose peace, and perhaps to even become involved with your work.
  • Send us your Project Presentation information. We will send a letter to your school, publicize your work on our Peace Club Teens Project Presentation page and list you as a Peace Bringer Teen. 


Read more: Peace Bringer Teens & Project Presentation page


Celebrate your Peace Journey:

Choose to be a Peace Teen Ambassador

===Make Peace the News! 


  • Mama Peace said, “Peace is more than a project — it is about being peace in this moment, and considering ‘what next’ beyond a project.”
  • Celebrate and be recognized for your Peace Journey efforts, and inspire others to choose peace as well. Issue a press release.
  • Share your project with a local politician and/or through local media. Consider turning it into a ‘Cause’ on Facebook. Tell others how and why your started your peace project, what you did in each step, who it affected, why it matters, and ‘what next’ for peace as result of your work.
  • Prepare a brief description of your Peace Outreach Effort (e.g., press release, news clipping, link to a website or Facebook or blog about your effort, letter from a local representative, or some documentation of your outreach endeavor).
  • Send us your Peace Outreach Effort. We will publicize your achievement on our Peace Teen Ambassador page. We will also send you a Peace Ambassador Certificate and a Choose Peace bumper sticker, and list you as a Peace Teen Ambassador. 


Read more: Peace Teen Ambassadors & Outreach Efforts page



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