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“Peace begins with a choice — Our Choice.”

                —–— Mattie J.T. Stepanek

(From Mattie’sThree Choices for Peace”)



Peace Club Teens go beyond putting peace on a “To Do” list — they Choose Peace!  They make a choice to learn more about peace, and to get involved in a peace organization. Mattie believed that “Peace is possible… it can begin simply, over a game of chess and a cup of tea.” Mattie also believed that “Peace is for all people.Peace Club Teens make the choice to embrace these beliefs. This level is about the power of ‘choice.’ By becoming members of Mattie’s Peace Club, they choose to take meaningful steps on a journey towards peace — for one’s self and for our world.



  • Visit our “What Next? Project” page to learn more about Mattie’s “Three Choices for Peace.”  Also, visit our “Message from Mama Peace” page.  Mama Peace (Jeni Stepanek) is Mattie’s mom. Each month, she shares peace thoughts and suggested activities for Peace Club Youth members to consider.  Peace Club Teens are encouraged to send  “Reflections and Responses” to these messages, and also Reflections and Responses to Mattie’s “Three Choices for Peace.” These may be in the form of an essay, a poem, artwork, photography, or other creative endeavors. Peace Club Teens are also encouraged to submit idea suggestions and requests for monthly topics.
  • Peace Club Teens are also encouraged to choose our Peace Journey for Teens — it is a free, but optional part of the Peace Club Teen Membership program. Peace Journey Teens move through Mattie’s Three Choices for Peace by reflecting on Mattie’s message, responding to the message, and then realizing the message by reaching out to others with peace.


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Suggested Peace Reflections & Activities


Our Peace Club Teens


Teens highlighted in GREEN have chosen

to participate in our Teen Peace Journey.

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Joined or renewed 2014


Mikey Esaia, Age 13 Allison Bond, Age 17
Mount Laurel, New Jersey Lincoln, Arkansas
—- YEAR 1 —- YEAR 1
Sylvia, Age 14 -
Arizona – YEAR 1 -
- -


Joined or renewed 2013


Sydney Gray, Age 15 Lulu Cerone, Age 14
Forest Park, Illinois Woodland Hills, California
—- YEAR 2 —- YEAR 2
Alysia Sainas, Age 14 Reagan Leibovitz-Smith , Age 15
Kenner, Canada Bethesda, Maryland

Drake Roethele, Age 14 Tricia Melland, Age 15
Kenner, Louisianna Kansas Citiy, MO


Joined 2012

Sydney Gray, Age 14 Lulu Cerone, Age 13
Forest Park, Illinois Woodland Hills, California

Sophie Umazi Mvurya, Age 19

Nairobi, Kenya
Annie Remack,  Alysia Sainas, Age 13
St. Louis, Missouri Vancouver, Canada

Abby Fedus
Olivia Keenan, Age 16 Alana Keenan, Age 14
Kingsville, Maryland Kingsville, Maryland



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January Spotlight

May 5 at Botanero

Cinco de Mayo Partnership Fiesta - FREE ENTRY - All Day Happy Hour & food specials, Music by DJ Genius, ZamDance performances -- join us for a fundraising party that celebrates peace and acceptance! Read more...

June 2 at Dawson's

Mosaics & Music: Make Peace the News -- join us for wine & apps, music & mosaic unveiling, conversation & celebration at a fundraising gathering to promote peace! Early Bird Tickets $25 ($30 at the door). Read more...

June 21 and 22

Celebrating Mattie’s life & legacy – 15-year anniversary Mass on June 22 (11 am) at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Derwood, MD, followed by a reception hosted by Mattie's Guild - ALL ARE WELCOME. Read more...

July 13 in King Farm

2019 Peace Day Celebration – join us for a FREE street fair (1-5 pm), all day food & drink specials (1-8 pm), and a Happy Hour Dance Party (5-8 pm) – arts, crafts, music, performers, cake, moon bounce… Read more...

- Mattie J.T. Stepanek