Board of Directors

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Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation

Board of Directors


The Board of Directors consists of 5 to 12 volunteers who choose to serve terms ranging from one to four years in length, with the option of renewing a term following completion. Each Board Member enthusiastically shares his or her “time, talent, and treasure” to support the mission of the Foundation — which is to spread Mattie’s message of hope and peace.


Learn more about our current Board by clicking on the entries below.


Jeni Stepanek, PhD
CEO & Chief Peace Officer


Cynda Rushton, PhD

Max Jones


Cynthia Dobbins
Laura J. Bauer, MPA
Executive Director
Chris Dobbins



Jamie D. Baker, MA


Joe Palermino

Former Honorary Board Member

Micah the Peace Puppy
Mattie’s Service Dog




Former Members of the Board of Directors:

Robert Balkam (Founder & Vice President 2005-2010)
W. Thomas Curtis, EA, CFP (Founder & Treasurer 2005-2011)
Heather Dobbins, PhD (Interim Treasurer 2011-2012)
Omékongo Dibinga (Director 2011-2013)
Andrew Gordon (Director 2009; President 2010-2011)
Rich Gottfried (Treasurer 2012-2015)
Annie Kennedy (Director 2013-2016)
Marie Lê (Director 2011-2012)
Sandra Newcomb, PhD (Founder & Secretary 2005-2008)
Ann Y. Schmidt (President 2011-2014)
J. Stanley Schmidt (Executive Director 2006-2009)
Bridget Hart Shea, JD (Director 2010-2012)
Terrance Sheehan, MD (Founder & President 2005-2010)
Gail Sherman (Director 2011-2012)
Wendy Thompson (Director 2011-2014)
Janis Tripodakis (Director 2013-2014)


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The Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation 2017 Board of Directors during
the annual Board meeting (this year, hosted by Fontina Grille).
L-R: Joe Palermino (Director), Laura Bauer (Vice President),
Cynda Rushton (President), Jeni Stepanek. (Executive Director),
Cynthia Dobbins (Director), Chris Dobbins (Treasurer),
Max Jones (Secretary), Jamie Baker (Director) 




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