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The Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation has

four volunteer-based Committees.


Please let us know if

you would like to join one of our Committees!


2013-2014 Committee Members


Community Involvement Committee

The Community Involvement Committee is headed by a Volunteer Coordinator who recruits and organizes volunteers who will then serve on other committees or provide support for specific programs, events, or activities. This committee consists of two types of volunteers – those specific to events and program activities (e.g., peace celebrations, poetry events, Mattie’s Heartsong Swim) and those who provide general or administrative support (e.g., take notes during Board meetings, update inventory data, distribute flyers).


Volunteer Coordinator
Position Open


Tommy Baker
HVAC specialist and ‘Kin-Family’, Columbia, MD


Cynthia Dobbins
Daycare teacher and ‘Kin-Family’, Germantown, MD

Jamie Dobbins
Early Childhood Special Educator & ‘Kin-Family’, Columbia, MD


Heather Dobbins
NIH Scientist & ‘Kin-Family’, Maryland


Kaylee Dobbins
Student & ‘Kin-Family’, Germantown, MD


Daniel “DJ” Engel

UMD Graduate Student, College Park, MD


Shelly Gross
Videographer & ‘Kin-Family’, Maryland

Emma Kaibni

Rockville, MD


Program Committee

The Program Committee consists of Board members and volunteers who plan and create specific educational and recreational materials, activities, and events such as poetry and peace essay contests and proclamations, peace posters, Teacher Tips, our For Our World Campaign, and our Pathways to Peace Program.


Jeni Stepanek
Executive Director & Secretary, Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation


Timothy Bellavia 
Assistant Professor & Children’s Author, New York


Michael Mangone
6th Grade Teacher (retired), Carlstadt, NJ


Lorene Moutanabbih
K and 1 Enrichment Teacher, Rockville, MD


Tilsim Newman
ELL Teacher, Hagerstown, MD


Diane Tresca
School Counselor, Providence, RI


Development Committee

The Development Committee consists of Board members and volunteers who plan and create specific development and fundraising projects for the Foundation, such as Mattie’s Heartsong Swim, Walk for Peace and Play for Peace events that appeal to all ages and abilities, Gift Brick Sponsorships, our Partnership and Messenger Programs, our Champion Donor Categories, and other opportunities that provide financial support for Foundation programs and activities.


Rich Gottfried, Chair
Treasurer, Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation


Jeni Stepanek
Executive Director, Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation



Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee consists of Board members and volunteers who discuss and plan ways to increase Foundation visibility, resources, and community membership through activities such as: newspaper, radio, media outreach efforts; press releases, website news, and e-Peace Updates; planned presentations through our Messenger Program; and, brochures and mailings related to Foundation programs and specific events.


Jeni Stepanek
Executive Director & Secretary, Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation


Sayid Abdullaev

2008 Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leader

Karakol, Kyrgystan (and University of Pennsylvania)


Donna J. Hrozencik
Director of Information Systems, Washington, DC

Rockville, MD


Jane Jones

Peace Club Member

Pittsburgh, PA


Sr. Pauline Petruzzella

Educator, Ambrose Academy

Buffalo, NY


Italo Ribeiro

2012 Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leader

Fortaleza, Brazil (and Quinnipiac University)


Michael Watts
Producer (CNN & Documentaries)

Washington, DC



If you have skills, resources or connections

that you are willing to share

as a member of one of our committees,

please visit our Contact Us page

or e-mail MattieOnLine.com@gmail.com.



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