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Max Jones


Max Jones had heard of Mattie J.T. Stepanek as a child from his nana, who enjoyed watching Mattie on television. But he was first introduced to Mattie’s message of peace during the 2014 Three Dot Dash Just Peace Summit. This annual event, which was inspired by Mattie and is driven by Mattie’s final book (Just Peace: A Message of Hope), brings together about 30 teens from around the globe each year, for a week of intense education and networking. These “Global Teen Leaders” are selected based on peace projects they have created or lead, that tend to basic human needs in some way — which Mattie writes is a root of peace.
Max was selected as a 3DD GTL based on more than one peace project. As a middle schooler, he created “Felice News,” an all-positive news outlet with reporters under 25 years of age, that reached more than two million people across its first few years. From 2009-2013, Max ran Felice News, producing coverage at the G8 & G20 Summits in Toronto, on Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Canada, the 10th Anniversary of September 11th and at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.
In 2009, Max organized vigils around the world to campaign for securing the release of journalists Laura Ling & Euna Lee. In 2011, after their release, he travelled to China, North Korea and South Korea to produce reports on the ongoing refugee crisis, following refugees on their journey to freedom and interviewing North Koreans in hiding.
Then, building on his news outlet work, Max created “GEN Press Alliance,” a non-profit that gives a voice to people that don’t know how to amplify theirs – and promoting understanding globally. The vision is to create a curriculum built around giving world-class and ethical journalism skills to people in the most under-reported communities
During the Just Peace Summit, in addition to learning more about enhancing his peace projects, Max was inspired by Mattie’s message of humanity as a “mosaic of gifts,” and that “peace is possible” if we “choose peace.”  Shortly after the Summit, he saw a Facebook post by Mattie’s mom, Jeni Stepanek — who is know as “Mama Peace” to the Global Teen Leaders — about creating a national peace day, during which citizens could both learn more about peace and also celebrate peace. Max decided to get more involved with Mattie’s Foundation, and started working on the #MattiePeaceDay campaign, creating an online petition page and the Foundation’s first press kit.
He traveled from his home in Canada to volunteer at the 2014 Peace Gathering in Mattie’s Park in Rockville, Maryland — also both to celebrate Mattie’s 24th birthday and 10 year legacy activities, and also to help raise awareness of the Foundation’s Mattie’s Peace Day Campaign. During fall, 2014, Max officially become a member of the Board of Directors for the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation. “I think the mission and vision of Mattie’s Foundation are straightforward,” Max said, “and a great guide for the Board and Foundation volunteers. Another thing to mention are the Foundation values, which are extraordinary – and put Mattie’s message into a way to operate the Foundation in his honor – also a really cool guide in tandem with the mission and vision.” 
Even when he began college courses at Rollins College in Florida, Max continued to serve as a very active member of the Board of Directors. He volunteers as a Peace Guide each summer during the Peace Gathering, he works diligently to promote the Foundation’s #NationalPeaceDay Campaign,  he serves as Project Coordinator for the Pathways to Peace grant activities, and he participates in many other endeavors that supports the Foundation mission. And during fall, 2016, Max joined the Foundation Executive Team when he accepted the position of Secretary.
Max is passionate about amplifying people’s voices – especially those of youth – and is excited to bring a youth perspective to the Board. He graduated early from high school, and began a “gap year,” working with non-profits and for-profits to improve their strategies involving media and youth.


Max with his 3DD Mentor during the 2014 Just Peace Summit.


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