2012 Peace on Earth Ornament Participants

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1,000 Ornaments from Six Continents!


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One thousand ornaments were created and contributed by people on six continents for the 2012 Mattie J.T. Stepanek “Peace on Earth” Tree. The decorations were sent by children and adults of all ages and abilities, and from countries all over the world.


Below is a list of the 2012 Participants who will receive Certificates of Peace for their involvement. The list reflects the order in which ornaments were received or processed. Thank you to everyone!






Maria LaSalvia Strongsville, Ohio Very first ornament received, from a member of Mattie’s Peace Network
Jennifer Smith-Serocki & Respite Care Group Australia Ornaments contributed by Jennifer (a 2011 Global Teen Leader) and children and adults with disabilities for whom she provides respite care
The Esaia Family Mount Laurel, NJ Our first “Peace Certified Family” program participants, Peace Club Members and Peace Club Kids – the Esaias were also the 2012 Oct/Nov Peace Seeker Spotlight
Lorene Moutanabbih & St. Raphael’s School Rockville, MD Lorene, a member of the Foundation’s Community Involvement Committee introduced the activity to her “Little Flowers” reading group
Diane Tresca & Family Johnston, RI The Trescas, longtime friends and volunteers, are VIP Peace Club Members and were celebrated at the 2012 Nov/Dec Peace Bringer Spotlight
Dorothy Dimick Rocklin, CA VIP Peace Club Member and one of our first “Peace Certified Community” participants (joined as a small business – photography/writing)
Rita Schiano Sturbridge, MA Member of Mattie’s Peace Network
Karen Rodriguez Blue Bell, PA ZenTangle Community
St. Anthony School Renton, WA Activity introduced to students by Sue Jones, member of Mattie’s Peace Network
David Saddington United Kingdom A 2008 Global Teen Leader
Jean Smeriglio Ganada Hills, CA ZenTangle Community
Sarah Kempler & UCP Delrey School Baltimore, MD Sarah teaches children with disabilities, who were excited to participate in this activity
Sadie & Mattie Gerstle Port Orange, FL Members of Mattie’s Peace Club Kids
Siddarth Aalambayan India A 2008 Global Teen Leader
Jennifer Keenan & Barn Buddies Assisted Animal Therapy Maryland Jennifer, who brought the “Alpacas for Peace” to the 2011 Peace Celebration, introduced this activity to children with disabilities and their peer buddies
Danna Lynn Anderson Cornelius, Oregon Member of Mattie’s Peace Network
Nadirah Moreland & Stone Ridge School (Middle & Upper Schools) Bethesda, MD Nadirah and Stone Ridge School students were volunteers during the 2011 Peace Celebration
Timothy Bellavia New York Member of the Foundation’s Program Committee and a 2011 Peace Celebration volunteer
The Waweru Family Nairobi, Kenya Family of Brian, a 2011 Global Teen Leader
Carmen Burgos Knoxville, KY ZenTangle Community
The Jones Family Pittsburgh, PA Members of Mattie’s Peace Club and Peace Club Kids. Ten year old Jacob Jones was our 2012 May/June Peace Seeker Spotlight
Tilsim Newman & Pangborn Elementary Hagerstown, MD Tilsim, a member of the Foundation’s Community Involvement Committee introduced the activity to the ENTIRE school! The school uses Mattie’s poetry in many other activities as well.
Mary Kempf & Lakewood Elementary & Bar-T School Rockville, MD Mary, a 2011 Peace Celebration volunteer, introduced the activity to her school and to the school’s network of schools
Lulu Cerone & 5th graders at The Wesley School Woodland Hills, CA Lulu (a 2012 Global Teen Leader) is one of Mattie’s Peace Club Teens who participated in the Teen Peace Journey
Vigi Ramanakumar & The EnvironmenTeens Japan Vigi (a 2012 Global Teen Leader) introduced the activity to children and teens in Japan’s “EnvironmenTeen” group
Italo Ribeiro Brazil (and France) A Brazilian 2012 Global Teen Leader who is currently living in France
Lyn Marie Posadas & Nueva Vista Elementary California Member of Mattie’s Peace Network
Diane Tresca & Nathan Bishop Middle School Providence, RI Diane participated with her family (see earlier entry) and also introduced the activity to students whom she counels
Cynthia Dobbins & KidsCo Jr Damascus, MD Cynthia, a member of the Foundation’s Community Involvement Committee introduced the activity to the toddlers and preschoolers at her school
 Mary Ann Scheblein Long Island, NY ZenTangle Community – Mary Ann was one of many hard hit by Hurricane Sandy. She embraced this ornament activity as a way of choosing peace, and “playing after every storm!”
Chris LeBelle Oshkosh, WI Member of Mattie’s Peace Club and longtime Foundation supporter
Julie Hill Lincoln, CA Member of Mattie’s Peace Network
Kathleen Downes Champaign, IL Member of Mattie’s Peace Network
Sharon Carforio Elmhurst, IL ZenTangle Community
Sayid Abdullaev Kyrgyzstan 2008 Global Teen Leader
Isabella & Ofelia Palacios Apopka, FL Members of Mattie’s Peace Club Kids, their mom is one of our first “Peace Certified Community” participants (joined as a small business – early childhood education)


Mattie J.T. Stepanek with his service dog, Micah, December 2003.



Thank you to everyone,

on six continents,

for participating in this

international peace activity.


“Peace is for all people…

peace is possible!”

Mattie J.T. Stepanek




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