2017 BIRTHDAY BRICK SALE – 50% off

Posted on: May 4th, 2017 by jeni

We are celebrating

Mattie's Birthday (July 17)

& Jeni's Birthday (July 25)

with a VERY special offer...  

Order a brick between now and July 25 --
---> for ONLY $100 (that's 50 percent off!)
And it's a 100 percent tax deduction!  


Your PERSONALIZED message for:
Birthdays... Anniversaries...
Mother's Day... Father's Day...
Honoring Loved Ones...
Sharing Peace Messages...
and more.
Celebrate life with YOUR engraving,
while supporting Mattie's peace mission!

Only $100 to sponsor a Gift Brick in Mattie's Peace Garden!
(bricks are typically $199 -- this is a 50 percent discount!)  

Your sponsorship is 100 percent tax deductible!!! 


Sponsor a brick for yourself, or as a gift to honor someone else! 


The Peace Garden in the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Park, Rockville, Maryland is a living tribute to Mattie, a young poet and peace advocate. It represents pathways to peace, and allows visitors to reflect on Mattie’s message, play chess, or simply appreciate life – even with its ups and downs. Throughout the Peace Garden is a ‘mosaic of bricks’ – representing Mattie’s vision of the world and humanity as a mosaic of gifts to be nurtured and offered and accepted.


Sponsoring a personalized gift brick is a great way to highlight your organization, celebrate friends and loved ones, represent a cause, offer a message, share a memory, or simply support the work of Mattie’s Foundation. Gift brick sponsorship can also be used as a tax deduction!


NOTE: Please add personalizations in Comment Box at Check Out. 

Each inscription may be UP TO 3 LINES with UP TO 14 CHARACTERS 

per line (the 14 characters include spaces and punctuation).


Ordering bricks to honor someone or celebrate something special?
Upon request, we will send you an e-gift card(s) for the occasion ---
-- Each card will have
---- > a photo of Mattie's statue and/or the Peace Garden
---- > the name of the person/organization sponsoring the brick
---- > the name of person/organization being honored
---- > the brick inscription as it will appear in Mattie's Peace Garden.
We will also post photos of each brink once installed.


NOTE - You may leave "shipping" blank.
All bricks for the season are ordered at the same time,
and delivered to the installation company
which then places them in Mattie's Park.


If you prefer to order by mail, you may

download our Order Form here and send it to us.



This SALE item is good for brick sponsorships
received through July 25, 2017. 

These sponsorships are for the
NEXT brick installation.
We install bricks once or twice a year.


Please leave SHIPPING address blank.



Please note that Paypal charges a fee on all refunds.  

Please click here to order bricks

after July 25, 2017. 

NOTE: The Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation reserves the right and discretion to refuse inappropriate messages. Payment received (minus a processing fee) will be refunded for any personalized brick we deem inappropriate for Mattie's Peace Garden.


Price: $150.00


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