“I Am… Mattie” — Documentary Sponsorship

Posted on: June 11th, 2016 by jeni

Coming soon!


"I Am... Mattie"

The first full-length
on the life and legacy of
Mattie J.T. Stepanek.



Thank you for choosing to support the financial development of this project.

  • Mattie's Foundation is serving as the "fiscal sponsor" (or host) for this project. Sponsorship gifts received for the purpose of the "I Am... Mattie" documentary project will be used solely for that purpose. The Foundation is not involved with the production of the documentary, but serving as a fiscal sponsor.
  • Foundation friends offering gifts of $100 or more will be listed on the website and select print materials related to the documentary as "Documentary Supporters."
  • Foundation friends offering gifts of $1000 or more will be listed on the website and select print materials related to the documentary, and also in the documentary film credits as "Documentary Sponsors." 



  • The vision is to release the documentary during 2017. The actual timing of release will be impacted by funding and resources.
  • "I Am... Mattie" will offer intimate details on Mattie's childhood and private life, and on his public life and peace mission during the final years before his death.
  • The story of the late teen "poet, peacemaker, and philosopher who played" will be told largely through Mattie's voice -- including never before seen home video footage and and excerpts from Mattie's speeches and media appearances.
  • Interviews with family members, friends, celebrities, and others who knew Mattie during his life, as well as with those who carry his mission forward today, will be woven into the archival footage to complete the story.
  • The documentary will include a call to action -- and an opportunity for global citizens to participate in a pre-release "Who is Mattie?" campaign, and a post-release "Who Am I?" campaign. 
    Campaign participation information to be posted soon!
  • The progress of this documentary will be updated on Mattie's website throughout the course of this project.
  • The project is being produced by Jeni Stepanek with Gary Bencheghib and Sam Bencheghib.
  • Many other supporters are working on the development and production of this film project -- including individuals who were involved in producing media segments with Mattie during his lifespan (e.g., Paula Starcher -- Baltimore MDA Telethon segments, Michael Watts -- Larry King Live segments, Brian O'Keefe -- Good Morning America  segments, and others...)
  • To receive e-mail updates on the progress, please send a message to  MattieOnline.com@gmail.com to be added to our secure (and never shared) mailing list.



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- Mattie J.T. Stepanek