Peace Tips Guide

Posted on: May 19th, 2012 by jeni

Our Peace Tips Guide

===is part of the paid/sponsored levels of
------tour Peace Certification Program.


This is available to individuals and groups participating in the our
PAYING LEVELS of the  Peace Certification Program --
not those working on a Peace Activity Certificate) 


Our Peace Certification Program is for everyone --  

educators, parents, youth group leaders,schools,

youth groups, families, businesses, cities and counties,

politicians, community leaders, childcare providers, and more.


About the Peace Tips Guide:

  • 24 full color 8.5x11 inch pages
  • Information about key elements in our Pathways to Peace Program 
  • A series of “Pathways Stations” focus on specific concepts, including:
  1. Mattie’s Life & The Peace Journey
  2. Heartsongs & Purpose (Our Reason for Being)
  3. Hope & Balance (Choosing a Reflection)
  4. Peace & Education (Basic Needs, Communication)
  5. Choices & Service (Home & World Community)
  6. Kindness & Resilience (Respect, Anti-bullying)
  7. Coping & Motivation (Mottos, Role Models)
  8. Mosaics & “What Next?” (Celebrating, For Our World)
  9. Peace Tips & Poetry Links (Lesson & Activity Ideas)
  • Each topic includes “Reflect, Respond, and Reach Out”  tip suggestions
  • Samples of Mattie’s poetry,  essay excerpts, artwork, and photographs expand each element
  • Information sections that answer questions about how each element relates to a peace journey
  • Three Peace Links & Poetry Tips pages with personal or group lesson plan or activity suggestions for each element
  • These tips offer personal reflection suggestions, and a variety of hands-on activities, crafts, peace-games, service projects, and other ideas that  can support participants in exploring Mattie’s messages of hope and peace in sensory, tactile, and replicable ways.


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-----our Peace Certification Program.


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Peace Certification Program.

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