Early Winter 2014

May 2015 be filled with choices in attitude and action
that nurture peace, for our world.

The Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation 



 2014 — The Year in Review!

Check out highlights of

some  amazing activities, PLUS

five seasonal photo colleages

celebrating the work of

Mattie’s Foundation 

during 2014…



Merry Christmas, from Jeni Stepanek, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation
(aka “Mattie’ mom” & “Mama Peace”)


Mattie’s “Head Elf”
Legacy Lives on

at the North Pole

Read about the 

25th Annual Fantasy Flight

sponsored by 

Children’s Hospice International

and United Airlines here… 


Mattie’s Peace Tree 2014 — created by global neighbors!
Click HERE for our MAIN PAGE
(the tree, the individual ornaments, and information) 

Click HERE for our Peace Club & Youth Display highlight page
(Mattie’s PCK members and youth group ornaments are on both pages)


Fall 2014

A Thanksgiving gift
from Mattie’s Foundation…
CLICK HERE to enjoy Mattie sharing his
“On Being Thankful” Heartsong.

Thank you to all who have supported
Mattie’s Foundation this year.

If you would like to make a tax deductible
end of year gift — > please click here… 


Ingleside at King Farm Unveils Six Peace Quilts
during their Peace Certification Ceremony!

Visit the IKF Peace Certification Profile page HERE…


View the IKF Peace Journey Update &
Peace Quilt Unveiling page HERE… 


Artist Michael Volpicelli’s

Mattie portrait,

created with Mattie’s words,

is one of the early pieces in his

Voices of Compassion Project.



With appreciation to veterans who serve 
to protect human rights… peace and prayers. 
“Vietnam War Memorial” by Mattie J.T. Stepanek 
can be found in Journey Through Heartsongs (Hyperion 2002) 
and in Just Peace: A Message of Hope (AMP 2006). 



New! Mattie’s Foundation peace wristbands!
Great gifts, great party favors, and a
great way to support Mattie’s Foundation.
ORDER in our PEACE SHOP —> here…



Mattie’s Peace Tree 2014

Many people — > one project — > peace.
Submission Deadline:
November 30
Send your peace expression/ornament photos
by November 30
for guaranteed posting on the initial tree display
and for a chance to receive a
free prize in our random drawing.

What, Who, Why, How and more here… 

Teachers, Families, Community Leaders:
 Turn our Mattie’s Peace Tree 2014 activity
into a lesson plan or group project and
EARN a FREE Peace Activity Certificate
from Mattie’s Foundation —> INFO HERE…


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