A week ago today, I was packing up to head off for four amazing days with my IAFF MDA family at the annual Softball Tournament down in Watkins Regional Park. Hard to believe that the 2022 “family reunion” has come and gone… but I know for sure that it happened
because my heart and spirit are still glowing with the light and love of these folks and their effort for a cause. A 5-year-old Mattie Stepanek reminded some of the guys there about the important matter of choosing to #JustShowUp — with purpose. And they did, and they do, and I
am ever-grateful and filled with hope, and peace.

Special shout-out to Kevin Reilly — who brought The Peacemaker Bike to the tournament, and to Kyle Heath — who made the Mattie’s Foundation corn hole boards that we used at the tournament this year. Oh and indeed — what blessings we have in this world, and what
blessings we are in this world — when we choose to #JustShowUp — with purpose — for our families and our communities, and our world.

#CelebrateLife #ChoosePeace #Huzzah!