Wow… I love that I am living in Downtown City of Rockville… just a block from Mattie’s Peace Room and the Soulfull Cafe at Main Street Connect — where I host #MamaPeaceChat sessions and engage in so many events and activities and meetings… and just a block or few from so much community and abundant access to transportation and opportunities for peace and purpose and play…

Sharing a few photo collages highlighting just a few of this week’s work-and-play connections and chats — coffee and peace planning with Mayor Bridget Newton at Soulfull, mosaic creations and information/inspiration sessions and beer-and-chocolate pairing lessons (who
woulda thunk? but wow – they DO go well together when well-matched) at Main Street, a st’roll about town while tending to errands, the lovely flowers given to me by a BLVD Ansel neighbor who loves positivity and community-building, and yes (of course!) some McDonald’s ice cream and Baileys S’mores laughter shenanigans with Jenn Lynn after an afternoon of hefty work.

PS – thank you Steve and Jill and True Respite Brewing Company for the gift of time and space to share the significance of a #Toast2Peace#Huzzah!

#LifeIsWorthy #ChoosePeace #CelebrateLife

#SeekTheLight #BeTheLight #ShineTheLight