We live in an amazing world… as Mattie said, with genuinely and generally good people. More people love, and respect, and seek and shine and bring light than the fewer people who make unfortunate choices. Choices that hurt others. Choices born out of fear, or hurt, or not being “okay” in some way. But the fewer folks are the ones who too often make the news, and who too often cause so much pain and damage. And who are heavy on my heart.

Tonight, I had the privilege of attending the annual menorah lighting in the Rockville Town Square. An event attended by folks diverse in faith, yet united in hope—for peace, and for an end to violence and hate. We don’t have to agree with our neighbors to just be with our neighbors. Peace matters. We must choose to make peace the news.

December Prayer

No matter who you are,

Say a prayer this season.

No matter what your faith,

Say a prayer this season

No matter how you celebrate,

Say a prayer this season.

There are so many ways

To celebrate faiths,

There are so many faiths

To celebrate life.

No matter who,

No matter what,

No matter how…

You pray.

Let’s say a prayer

This season,

Together, for peace.

by Mattie J.T. Stepanek (1999)Journey Through Heartsongs Hyperion Books, 2002

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(NOTE: final photo collage is from the lovely sparkling wine tasting seminar at Dawson’s Market yesterday afternoon-which also co-sponsored tonight’s menorah lighting event).