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for the 2017 Birthday Campaign… 

Thank you!!!  



Happy 26th Birthday,
Mattie J.T. Stepanek

(and Happy 11 Year Anniversary
for Mattie’s Foundation!) 

In celebration of Mattie’s birthday & anniversary,
sponsor a personalized gift brick in Matite’s Peace Garden

by Aug 17 for ONLY $150 (25 percent off!)


NOTE: Yes — the annual birthday campaign is year round!
You will be celebrated on this page all year,
from January through December!

We HIGHLIGHT the campaign during the months of
Mattie’s anniversary (June 22)
and his birthday (July 17) 

2016 is a special year…
we are celebrating
what would be
Mattie’s 26th birthday,
and the 11th anniversary of the
Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation! 

Last year, more than $5,000 was raised
for Mattie’s Foundation during
his 25th Birthday Campaign
with 150+ gifts from
Birthday Peace Champions!

Let’s make the
2016 Birthday Campaign
amazingly successful, with
gifts that support his peace mission,
and our 2016 theme: 

“I am peace…

together, we are peace!” 

— Mattie J.T. Stepanek

Thank you celebrating Mattie’s 26th birthday

all year long, and especially

throughout June and July!


We invite you to donate

$25 (or more*) in honor of 

Mattie’s birthday.

Just click here…


These gifts honor
Mattie’s life and legacy
and support his Foundation.

Each gift is 100 percent
tax deductible!

Each sponsor is listed as a
2016 Birthday Peace Champion.

You may share gifts as individuals,
as families and groups,
as businesses and organizations.

Supporters are celebrated below,
and also on our
Champions website page
(click here…)

AND — You will be listed on our
2016 Birthday Champions display
during the July 4
Peace Gathering in Mattie’s Park!  

It’s never too early or too late to join:


You may also mail donations to:

Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation
402 King Farm Blvd. #125
Rockville, MD 20850



Donors at the $25 or more gift level may choose to join
Mattie’s Peace Club General Member Level at no charge.

Donors at the $100 or more gift level may choose to join 
Mattie’s Peace Club General Member Level at no charge. 

Thank you to our Birthday Peace Champions
for celebrating Mattie’s 26th Birthday with
gifts of $25 (or more!)
for Mattie’s Foundation:

 2016 Special Birthday Campaign Gifts
of more than $25… (and messages)  

Paula Beckman – $50
Silver Spring, MD
in honor of Jeni’s “Celebrate 83” Bucket List item

Mike Blishak – $50
Tucson, AZ

Jessica Boxell – $26
Warren, IN

Sharon Boyd – $26
Henderson, NC

Lynn Brown & Paul Morrell – $50
Silver Spring, MD
in honor of Jeni’s “Celebrate 83” Bucket List item

Janice Burns – $100
Gaithersburg, MD

Lulu Cerone – $100
Global Teen Leader 2012  – California

Lisa Cornelio – $50
New York, NY

Henry Dorsch – $50
Rockport, MA

Bonnie Eglin – $300 ($25/month)

The Esaia Family – $260 AND $260
Mount Laurel, NJ
celebrating Mattie’s & Jeni’s birthdays,
with love from John, Kate, Mikey, Mattie, & JD
Jerri Ferstl – $50
Des Moines, IA
In memory of my dad, Jerry J. Ferstl,
who shared Mattie’s birthday, and
my nephew, Hollister Farrel

The Hemelgarn Family – $100
(and 10 bricks!!!)
LaSalle, Michigan

Nicole Johnson – $250
Falls Church, VA
in honor of Jeni’s “Celebrate 83” Bucket List item

Greg & Jane Jones – $500 plus
Nicolette, Nathan, Jacob, Sammy & Bella
Pittsburgh, Pa

Jacob Jones & St. John Bosco Academy – $83
Pittsburgh, PA
Fundraiser by graduating 8th grader
& Peace Club Teen

Cheryl Kerwin & Steve Moitoso – $50
Upper Marlboro, MD
in honor of Jeni’s “Celebrate 83” Bucket List item

Chris LeBelle – $100
(and a brick!) — Oshkosh, WI
A heartfelt thank you to Mattie and Jeni.
You make the world a better place...

Erlin Leonard – $400
Highlands Ranch, CO

Lori, Danny, & Nick Lowinger – $260
Cranston, RI
Celebrating both Mattie and Jeni…
you warm our hearts. With love…
Jeanne Meyers — $500
Laguna Beach, CA
Celebrating Mattie – a “My Hero” honoree since 1997

Carol Michaels – $83
East Northport, NJ
in honor of Jeni’s “Celebrate 83” Bucket List item

Libby Moore – $250
New York, NY
in honor of Jeni’s “Celebrate 83” Bucket List item

Steve Ober – $240 ($20/month)

Jay Paulus – $100
Wheeling, WV

Tom & Kathy Phelps – $100
Derwood, MD
in honor of Jeni’s “Celebrate 83” Bucket List item

Sr. Pauline Petruzzella – $500
Buffalo, NY
In memory of her sister, Rosemarie

Ann Y. Schmidt – $26
Edmond, OK

Steve & Brenda Smith – $150
Village of Palmetto Bay, FL
in honor of Jeni’s “Celebrate 83” Bucket List item

Jo Ann, Harry, & Jo Beth Stoddard -$250
Midlothian, VA
in honor of Jeni’s “Celebrate 83” Bucket List item

Kim Talbot – $50
Columbia, MD

John & Kay Travis – $50
Gaithersburg, MD
in honor of Jeni’s “Celebrate 83” Bucket List item

The Vasquez Family – $30
Sylmar, CA

Jeanne Volk – $26 (and a brick:)
Miami Lakes, FL

Lola Whalen – $500
New Haven, CT
in honor of Jeni’s “Celebrate 83” Bucket List item

Don & Barb Woodward – $83
Gaithersburg, MD

Rob Windrem – $26 (January) & $26 (June)

Ventura, CA 



 2016 Birthday Campaign $25 Gifts

Melissa Comeau — Laguna Niguel, CA
Rashad Davis
— Tuscaloosa, AL
Gaylo Elston — San Miguel, CA
Shelly Heesacker –– Forest Grove, OR
T. Byron Kelly — Christiansburg, VA
Ken Keohane —
Plymouth, MA
Elizabeth Marsh
— Norwood, MA
Marianne Maurice & Gavin Rose — Sharon, PA
Tom Robertson — Montreal, Canada
The Romero Family — Sylmar, CA
Lynn Scalzi-Anderson – Ashland, OR
Lainie Schwartz – Miami, FL
Kathleen Shelby —
White House, TN
Jeni Stepanek
— Rockville, MD
Jocelyn Triggle –– Buffalo, NY
Barbara & Larry Walter — Huntington, MD





Mattie’s Foundation
Anniversary & Birthday Offer


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