As #Partners4Peace with the Mattie Stepanek Peace Foundation, the Main Street Connect community hosts weekly “Dinner with Mama Peace” gatherings for MSC members, and monthly “Lunch with Mama Peace” gatherings for anyone in the community.

These Mama Peace Chat sessions are filled with conversation about “peace, purpose, and play”–centered on a monthly theme and rooted in Mattie’s messages. Theme examples include considering topics such as purpose, resilience, happiness, and mosaics, that then lead to celebrating important matters such as Heartsongs, hope, friendships, and community–and so much more.

The dinner sessions–held on Wednesdays in Mattie’s Peace Roomor Poppy Boy’s Kitchen–begin with conversation, and then move into craft and art activities or an evening of fun and games.

The lunch sessions–held in Soulfull Café once a month on a Saturday–bring together members of the Main Street and local and surrounding communities and are abundant with lively and thoughtful conversation and food that nourishes body, mind, and spirit.

The sessions are all facilitated by Jeni Stepanek, PhD–aka “Mama Peace.” Jeni serves as the President of Mattie’s Peace Foundation and has been hosting local and global “Mama PeaceChats” both in person and virtually for many years (yes–even before the Covid crisis “Zoom’d” us into a hybrid world!

An award-winning author, speaker, and advocate for humanity and peace, Jeni continues the work of her son, the late teen “poet, peacemaker, and philosopher who played,” Mattie J.T.Stepanek, while also share own purpose as a “beach chair philosopher” and “virtual mountain climber.” Her sessions range from shared meals and conversations to “Toast2Peace” events and celebrations to book discussions, webinars, and thematic chats and hands-on activities that bring both information and inspiration to diverse groups and tables.

To learn more about scheduling #MamaPeaceChat sessions for your community (school, business, place of worship, book club, non-profit, etc…) please e-mail or call 202-888-MJTS.

Main Street Apartments are an affordable and inclusive housing community in Downtown Rockville, Maryland.Main Street Connect is a non-profit membership program that offers weekly and monthly (in-person, virtual, and hybrid) educational, recreational, and social events, activities, and programs for people diverse in age, ability, and aspiration–abundant community engagement opportunities that support people of all abilities in living their best lives. All are welcome to join MSC which offers several levels of membership for professionals, families, individuals, and community members.

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