Message from Jeni Stepanek, PhD:
2022 1026 #PeaceMatters #MamaPeacePost

I am so proud of JoAnna Arnold — my friend and partner in peace, and of the scholars and staff of Furlow Charter School — who have embraced Mattie Stepanek’s Heartsong messages and Pathways2Peace mission for many years now.

Congratulations on a mega-successful 4th Annual Jubilee — this year celebrating “Colors of Peace” and rooted in Mattie’s mosaic message. Because of their commitment to things that matter, more and more (and more and more) educators and families and administrators and partners are understanding how peace IS possible, and how to move from attitude to action.

Enjoy these screenshots highlighting this year’s event, and Mattie’s “Shades of Life” poem. And a nifty shout out to Andrew Greer, Kim Fuller, and Sanah Jivani for sharing their Heartsongs in ways that made this gathering so amazing. They matter. And they rock!

#Wow! and #Thankyou.

#PeaceIsPossible #ChoosePeace #Yes!