Welcome to our first Peace Club RENEWAL Member — 

Anne Nessa, of Conneaut, Ohio, has renewed her Peace Club Membership — Year 2. Thank you!

Welcome to our newest VIP members —

Barb North & Skip Slawson (MD), Brian Orentreich (NY), Shelly Heesacker (OR), Robert Cooke (MD), Linda Walker (TX), and Stacey MacKinnon (Canada)! 

Welcome to our newest General members — 

Sherri Rickabaugh (IA), Ken Keohane (MA), Michelle Green (AZ), Philip Galinsky (NY), George Tranum (MS), Wendy Anderson (ID), Cate Viscusi (NC), and Kathleen Shelby (TN).  Our Peace Club membership represents individuals from around the world!

Click here to see the full list of new members. 

Welcome to our newest Peace Club Teens — 

A special welcome to our newest Peace Club Teens: Olivia Keenan and Alana Keenan, from Kingsville, MD. We look forward to working with these young people as they begin their “Teen Peace Journey.” Click here to read more about the Teen Peace Journey projects already in progress. 

Welcome to our newest Peace Club Kids — 

And a very special welcome to our newest Peace Club Kids who joined during December  and January — Audrey (Indonesia), Sarah (New York), Riley (Pennsylvania), Melanie (Maryland), Ethan and Noah (Maryland), and Ireland (Canada).   Click here to see artwork, photos, and peace thoughts submitted by our Peace Club Kids!

We are gently, but surely, growing in numbers that

celebrate people of all ages who choose peace! 

Joining the Peace Club is a way to get more involved with Mattie’s Foundation, receive benefits exclusive to members in each level, and support the mission and vision of Mattie’s Foundation — which is to spread a message of hope and peace.

There are five membership categories — Kids, Teens, General, VIP, and Messenger (Sponsors):

  • Kid (Youth) Members (FREE) of Mattie’s Peace Club learn to celebrate peace as a personal choice in thought, word, and action.This level is offered free for children ages 3-12 years. Youth Members receive a Peace Club Kids Certificate, and may submit poetry, art, essays, and peace thoughts for our new Peace Club Kids Page.
  • Teen (Youth) Members of Mattie’s Peace Club may submit photographs, artwork, poetry, and essays for our Peace Club Teens page. They also have the option of making the journey from “Peace Club Teen” to “Teen Peace Ambassador” as they move through Mattie’s ‘Three Choices for Peace’ with a project they create, put into action, and share.  Peace Club Teens may be eligible to earn Community Service hours for their projects through our Foundation. Cost is $18 per year for Teen Members (only $1.50 per month!).
  • Adult Members of Mattie’s Peace Club (General and VIP) support the creation and dissemination of our programs, materials, and events, and receive select benefits from Mattie’s Foundation. Benefits include a certificate, a Choose Peace bumper sticker (available to members only), and e-Peace Updates that include exclusive Member Discounts for select items in our Peace Shop. VIP Members may also participate for free in one of our new online Peace & Book Chats. Cost is $25 per year for General Members (only $2 per month!). For only $100 per year, participants can join as a VIP Member (about $8 per month!)
  • Sponsor Members of Mattie’s Peace Club (Messengers) support school and youth groups in becoming “Peace Certified.” Participants at this level receive all the benefits of the paying members level, plus additional benefits through their sponsorship of a school or youth group. For only $500, Messengers –– PTAs, community businesses, local leaders, youth organizations, or individuals — ensure that a school or youth group is funded to participate in our Pathways to Peace® School Program, which includes books, peace education tools, and a presentation that reflects each school’s priorities and needs.