The Fall 2022 #MamaPeaceChat participants at Main Street Connect worked hard to consider, plan, and create ”a mosaic of purpose” to celebrate the work of our neighbors at Button Farm — a living history hands-on learning resource in Germantown, MD.

And during mid-November, they enjoyed connecting, chatting, and celebrating life with The Menare Foundation President, Tony Cohen, who was our special guest for the afternoon. Tony was excited to accept the mosaic, and answer questions about the mission and vision of his
work and as a leader at Button Farm.

We learned more about the “Journey to Freedom” statue – which honors the courage andperseverance of Harriet Tubman. The life-size bronze will be on display next spring at the Farm during its symbolic Underground Railroad tour.

And we talked about how even when we “arrive” at a successful or sought-after destination in time or space, the joy is often mixed with the loss of what was left behind — including treasured truths of culture and people and traditions and interactions and more — that matter.

We are looking forward to ongoing collaboration with Tony and Button Farm — including a spring trip to experience the emotional power of the statue.

Most of all, we look forward to continuing the conversation about kindness and respect and civil and social justice, as we celebrate all of the treasured pieces of the mosaic of humanity — past, present, and future.

And wow! what a nifty coincidence that the day we presented the mosaic gift happened to be National Button Day (really!)… and another wow! it was also Party with Your Bear Day (another really!). So Mattie’s #PeaceBear enjoyed another day with the group!

A special thank you Faith Mcluckie for the amazing “mosaic of peace” fruit tray! It made our “mosaic of purpose” celebration with Tony Cohen and Button Farm extra special!

PeaceIsForAllPeople #MosaicOfGifts #YouMatter