Peace matters.

And, peace is possible — if individually and collectively, we choose to make peace a priority.

Headlines lean toward sensation. When inspiration becomes news, too often it is a closing feature, or included on a ‘slow news day.’

We want PEACE to be what people are talking about.

This summer, let’s choose to “Make Peace the News.” 

From Mattie’s anniversary (6/22) through Mattie’s birthday (7/17), let’s celebrate Mattie and peace.  

Let’s put PEACE in the universe.

You can help make this a reality.

“Peace is possible!”

3 words, 3 seconds —> shifts energy

and attitudes, and can touch

the lives of countless people. 

Tweet it, post it on Facebook, say it to colleagues and friends:

Peace is possible! (#PeaceIsPossible). 

Encourage local news, radio, and talk show hosts to simply say “Peace is possible” at some point during their broadcast — every day. It can become part of a routine sign-on or sign-off. Three simple words in less than three seconds, but with the power to shift energy and change the attitudes and lives of countless people.

Social media, our free resources, and our membership programs are three great suggestions for getting started:

1) Tap into the power of Social MediaTweet #PeaceIsPossible each day, and invite RTs. Post and tag “Peace Is Possible” on Facebook“Like” Mattie’s Facebook page and ‘Share‘ our Make Peace the News inspirational photo-post. Join Mattie’s Peace Club or our Peace Network and add it to your LinkedIn profile. Let us know what you are doing and the responses you are receiving, and we will celebrate that on our website as you “Make Peace the News.”

2) Tap into the resources available through Mattie’s Foundation and our website. Visit our For Our World Campaign page, download your free copy of Mattie’s peace poem, and post and share it — everywhere and every way! Be creative with how and where your share — within your family, at school and work, during vacations and more! Send us photos and captions of what you are doing, and we will celebrate that on our website as you “Make Peace the News.”

3) Tap into our membership and certification programs. Register your children for our free Peace Club Kids page and encourage them to share art and poetry and peace thoughts. Talk with your teens about our Peace Journey that can earn them Community Service Hours and give depth to college application essays. Set an example for your family and coworkers by choosing to become a member of Mattie’s Peace Clubor by becoming Peace Certified by Mattie’s Foundation. Once you register,  we will add your name on our website, and celebrate as you “Make Peace the News.”

Peace matters. Peace is possible. Peace begins with a choice — our choice. Together, let’s choose to Make Peace the News!