Make Peace the News!

Peace matters.

Peace matters, And, peace is possible
— if individually and collectively,
we choose to make peace a priority.

Headlines lean toward sensation.

When inspiration becomes news,
too often it is a closing feature,
or included on a ‘slow news day.’

Let’s choose instead to “Make Peace the News.” 

Let’s put PEACE in the universe,
and let PEACE be what people are talking about.

You can help make this a reality.

“Peace is possible!”

3 words, 3 seconds —>
shifts energy and attitudes, and
can touch the lives of countless people. 

Tweet it,
post it on Facebook,
say it to colleagues and friends:

Peace is possible!

Encourage local news, radio, and talk show hosts
to simply say “Peace is possible”
at some point during their broadcast — every day.
It can become part of a routine sign-on or sign-off.
Three simple words in less than three seconds,
but with the power to shift energy and change
the attitudes and lives of countless people.

Make Peace the News

Share your photos, videos, and peace news messages with us, 
so that we can share them with local and global neighbors. 
It is not about denying reality, but about choosing perspective,
and seeking and making and bring the potential for peace
into any and every situation, and our daily lives, and news.

Furlow 2nd Grade Team

Imagine a World Full of Peace

2nd Graders from Furlow Charter School recently help #MakePeaceTheNews with a video that earned them a 1st runner-up award in the Georgia Movie Academy digital storytelling competition.

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