“What a blessed and beautiful day of service, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.!”–Jeni Stepanek, PhD

Jeni Stepanek (“Mama Peace” and President of Mattie’s Peace Foundation) joined the staff and members of Main Street Connect for a day of service in honor of the late Nobel Peace Prize recipient, civil rights activist, and ambassador of diversity, equity, and inclusion–the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hundreds and youth, adults, families, and neighbors from local and surrounding communities gathered for an afternoon of activities that benefit those in need. Hundreds of cards were made for patients and families at DC Children’s Hospital, baskets were filled with the many (many,many) handmade by volunteers dog toys for a local shelter, and boxes filled with prepared and packaged meals for a local folks dealing with food insecurities.

Whether students participated to secure service hours, or parents role modeled the importance of community service for their children, or individuals simply chose to do a good deed in honor of a good human being, everyone experienced the feeling that “peace IS possible” and that as individuals and communities, together, we can make a positive difference.“

When we tend to the basic needs of our neighbors, we are building community,” Stepanek said. “It is easier to seek and embrace peace when we are okay–within, and with others. I believe Dr. King would be very proud of the work done here today, and of all the work being done all over the country to continue fulfilling his ‘dream’ of a better world.’

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