Fall/Winter Outreach Activity

Mattie’s Peace Tree 2014

Many people — > one project — > peace.

Mattie’s Peace Tree 2014 is now displayed…
to view the tree and individual ornaments!


Mattie’s Peace Tree 2014 — created by global neighbors!
Click HERE for our MAIN PAGE
(the tree, the individual ornaments, and information) 

Click HERE for our Peace Club & Youth Display highlight page
(Mattie’s PCK members and youth group ornaments are on both pages)

Congratulations to the winners of our Mattie’s Peace Tree 2014 random drawing.
Participants who submitted peace expressions by November 30 were each assigned a number. Participants who submitted expressions by November 15 were given a bonus number as well. On December 1,  ten numbers were randomly selected using an online program that generates random number lists. The following are the recipients of a small gift from Mattie’s Foundation. Thank you to all for participating!
  1. Kylie McDonnell — signed Heartsongs book
  2. Carolann Elmore — 3 inspiration cards
  3. Chris Reifsteck — 3 inspiration cards
  4. Esaia family — 25 bookmarks
  5. Putnam County Library — 25 bookmarks
  6. Jones family — 25 bookmarks
  7. Mrs. Romero’s 4th grade — 25 bookmarks
  8. PCK Ari — 2 peace wristbands 
  9. Collin Sherman — 2 peace wristbands
  10. Rochelle Catron Scott — 2 peace wristbands



Submission Deadline:
November 30 (sooner is BETTER:)
(by Nov 15 enters you in our free drawing) 

Send your peace expression/ornament photos
by November 30
for guaranteed posting on the initial tree display
and by Nov 15 for a chance to receive a
free prize in our random drawing.

Social Media —> #MattiesPeaceTree14

Check out the growing MPT14
Ornament Gallery here… 


It’s fun.

It’s free.

It’s for ALL people

— all ages and abilities,
all faiths and nationalities —

all around the world!

Our 2014 theme:

“Peace is possible…
choose peace!”



But here are some Quick & Easy Downloads
for you to share with your
school, office, place of worship, and community…. 

Mattie’s Peace Tree 2014 FLYER (pdf) HERE…

Mattie’s Peace Tree 2014 FLYER (jpg) HERE...

One-page news/activity summary here… 


Mattie’s Peace Tree 2014 DISPLAY PAGE


Our 3rd annual “Mattie’s Peace Tree” activity!
 “Peace is possible… choose peace!” — Mattie. 


  • Mattie’s Peace Tree is an outreach activity offered by Mattie’s Foundation each fall/winter. 
  • (Learn more about our Annual Outreach Activities here…)
  • It is free, fun, quick, and simple — and created for all people in all spaces of our world.
  • Many people — > one project — > peace.


  • In 2012, we displayed a “Peace on Earth” tree in the Rockville, Maryland — covered with more than 1,000 contributions of artwork ornaments sent to us from all over the world. (Check out Mattie’s Peace Tree 2012 here…)
  • In 2013, we created a virtual “December Prayer” tree, with artwork and ornament images from children and adults of diverse faiths from 32 countries on 7 continents (yes, even Antarctica was represented!)  (Check out Mattie’s Peace Tree 2013 here…)

  • For 2014, we have great plans! 
  • Our theme is a Mattie quote — “Peace is possible… choose peace!”
  • We will accept your photos of any type of creative peace expression (photos of artwork, crafts, people, places, keepsakes, and more…)
    We will also accept a short message or phrase, and create an ornament for you.
  • We will post each submission on our Mattie’s Peace Tree 2014 display page.
    We post your ornament in our MPT14 Gallery once processed.
    We also place your ornament on the MPT14, which will be displayed early December as a global celebration of peace.
  • Mattie’s Peace Tree 2014  will be featured all through December and January.
    We encourage global citizens to “share” the peace tree on social media, or through free downloads which can be posted in homes, schools, offices, and communities.  
  • And NEW this year Random drawings for participant prizes!
    All participants (individuals and groups) submitting peace expressions by November 15 will automatically have their names “added to”the hat” for a chance to win one of several peace-related prizes — such as a signed Mattie book, peace wristbands, an inspiration card, and more (we are working on our prize list now). 



Everybody. Everywhere.
===All ages, all faiths, all abilities,
====all nationalities, all places.

Celebrate Mattie’s message —
–==-“Peace is for all people.” 



It’s quick. It’s free. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 —>
and follows Mattie’s “Three Choices for Peace” concept.
Reflect/Consider… Respond/Create… Reach Out/Celebrate!

  1. Reflect on the theme — “Peace is possible… choose peace!”
    — > Discover your peace expression.

    Consider the theme at personal, community, and global levels.- We offer a Peace Tip* from Mattie below that may be helpful.- What image, person, place, keepsake, doodle, words, craft, —or other theme-related expression do you want to share?- How could you transform this peace expression into an “ornament?”

    *PEACE TIP: Mattie said that peace can begin within each of us when our basic needs are met — so we can be okay with who and how we are as a person. Peace can then grow as we choose to consider and tend to the basic needs of our neighbors — around the block and around the world — so that they, too, can be okay with who and how they are as people. Peace is not about being like others, or even agreeing with others — instead, peace is about choosing to be with others, and choosing non-violent ways to express our disagreements. Peace is about choosing to celebrate our similarities — which naturally bring us together, and also our differences — which Mattie called “unique treasures in the mosaic of humanity.”
  2. Respond to the theme — “Peace is possible… choose peace!”
    — > Design your peace expression.

    Create a peace expression based on your reflections.- You can draw it, paint it, doodle it, write it, type it, craft it, photo it, etc…- It can be a person, a place, a logo, a special keepsake/memory item, or a phrase.- It can be whatever you can capture in a photo or brief message, which you send to us for the peace tree.- Consider working with others — your family, classroom, office, community…- Be creative — as an individual, a family, a school, an office, any group!
  3.  Reach out with the theme — “Peace is possible… choose peace!”
    — > Display your peace expression.
    ——– > And send us a photo or message for the global peace tree!
    –0–E-mail the image or words to HeartsongBooks@gmail.com 
    —– — OR — post it to Facebook (tag Mattie Stepanek) or Twitter (tag $MattiesPeaceTree14

    Celebrate the theme by sharing your peace expression!
    – Hang or display your peace expression (or photo of it) until early January.
    – Share it on a tree in your home, yard, school, office, or community.
    – Perhaps work with others and create a peace tree in your home/community.
    Take a photo of your peace expression & display to share with us!
    Send a camera image, a cell phone photo, a screenshot — whatever is easy! 
    ——>  Send your photo to us via e-mail (HeartsongBooks@gmail.com)
    ——> OR post your photo to Facebook/Twitter tagged #MattiesPeaceTree14

    – We will post your peace expression on our outreach activity page.
    – And, we will process your submission onto an ornament shape and
    add your “ornament” to the global Mattie’s Peace Tree 2014.
    NOTE: Please include your NAME as  your would like it posted and
    your COUNTRY and/or US state being represented
    with submission.

EXAMPLE — click image to enlarge…



Send us your peace expression photos
——- by NOVEMBER 30 — BUT SOONER IS BETTER (Thank you!)

  • Peace expressions and ornament photos received by November 30
    will be posted on Mattie’s Peace Tree 2014 when it is launched (Dec 1).
  • Participants who submit photos by November 15 will be entered in our
    free, random, drawing for select peace prizes (to be listed soon).
  • One chance for a prize will be added for each submission.
  • Each participant may submit submit up to 3 peace expression photos.
  • If working as a family, school, or group — each member may submit 1-3 photos
    — one prize entry will be added for each peace expression photo submitted.
  • Material prizes will be mailed to recipients who have a U.S. postal address.
  • Prizes for recipients outside of the U.S. will be unique printable resources.
  • The earlier we receive your photos, the better! Thank you! 
  • Submissions received after the Nov 30 deadline will be
    added to the activity page during intermittent updates,
    but participants will not be entered for the random drawing.  


Social Media Tagging:

Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation
402 King Farm Boulevard, #125
Rockville, MD 20850


This is a free activity.

Donations are encouraged
to  support our mission of spreading
Mattie’s message of hope and peace. 

Choose to become a
2014 Mattie’s Birthday Champion

— $24 for his 24 years —-> HERE…  

Choose to offer a gift of any amount
to support Mattie’s peace mission
just click and give — > HERE… 

Thank you.