The Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation Peace Certification Program supports individuals, families, schools, businesses, and groups/communities of all sizes in exploring the message of Heartsongs, hope, peace, and purpose, that Mattie J.T. Stepanek offered through his books, speeches, and advocacy work.

Peace Certification is an enjoyable way to learn more about the peace elements Mattie encouraged us to embrace at personal, family, and community levels, while also developing and practicing attitudes and habits that are rooted in peace. The activities that are a part of a Peace Certification journey can be quick and simple, or longterm and involved – based on the needs and preferences of participating individuals and groups.

The Peace Certification journey involves three components, and members of Mattie’s Foundation are available to support participants at every level. The journey begins with reflecting on a select peace element or peace tool (chosen by the participant or community), and continues with a meaningful and sustainable transition from peace in attitude to peace in everyday actions, as participants respond to and ultimately reach out with their chosen peace element or tool.

Peace Certification is rooted in Mattie’s concept of “Three Choices for Peace”

Reflect and Seek Peace (explore peace – some element of Mattie’s message of Heartsongs, hope, peace, and purpose – focusing on a particular quote, poem, book, peace element/characteristic or tool that matters at a personal or group level;

Respond and Make Peace (express peace – personal or group thoughts and growth related to the peace message, element, or tool being explored – through journaling, meditation, discussions, hands-on arts and crafts, and other creative activities; and,

Reach Out and Bring Peace (expand peace – create and carry out an individual or group “Peace Plan” – a display, activity, gathering, or event that moves the message, element, or tool explored and expressed during the Peace Certification journey to another person or community.

Mattie’s Foundation is available to support participants at every level of their peace journey, while also encouraging Peace Certification participants and communities to grow in independence as they seek and make and bring peace – within and with others.

Mattie’s Foundation also celebrates people and places who choose to become Peace Certified, sharing progress and activities and events through news stories and photos/videos.

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