Messages and Sponsorships:

Supporting Youth in Embracing Peace!

New Mama Peace Message

A new Message from Mama Peace has been posted for our Peace Club Kids and Peace Club Teens. Please support youth in embracing peace as an attitude and habit. Sign your child up for our program.

Youth ages birth-12 are FREE.

Youth ages 13-19 register for a one-time donation of only $18 — which includes a free supported Peace Journey through Mattie’s Three Choices for Peace.

Peace Giving — Sponsorships!

Don’t have children? Consider sponsoring a teen for only $18 a year. Peace Giving is a gift that supports peace, and can decrease bullying. We currently have two Peace Teen sponsorships (thank you Natalie Bailey of Altamont, IL and Carol Rain of Chatfield, MN). Your gift can support a teen who wants to participate in our program, but who lacks the resources to register.

Teen Registration 

Are you a teen who wants to participate in our supported Peace Journey through Mattie’s Three Choices for Peace? Please sign up in our Peace Shop (Membership & Support page). We will support you in reflecting on Mattie’s message of peace, in responding to the message through an activity, and in sharing your response as your reach out to others with peace.

Applying to be Sponsored

We currently have TWO sponsorships available for teens who would like to become involved, but who lack the registration fee. If you would like to apply to be sponsored, please FIRST REVIEW our Peace Journey Information Links page here.  Then send an email to and share why you want to be sponsored, and your thoughts on how you will move through the journey levels.

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Peace Club TEENS program. 

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Peace Club KIDS program.


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