Voices of Compassion Project

Spread the word of love, compassion,
and peace all over the world! 


Artist Michael Volpicelli

created a portrait

of Mattie J.T. Stepanek

using words from

Mattie’s Heartsongs poetry

and quotes from his

peace speeches.


The artwork is part of his

Voices of Compassion Project

which has the goal of

raising awareness

of peacemakers

past and present,

and inspiring people

around the world

to move towards peace.


The following is from Michael Volpicelli:

Oklahoma artist Michael Volpicelli with some of his Voices of Compassion Project pieces.
What is the project, who is chosen, and why?
  • Portraits done of influential and inspiring people who use their influence in music, poetry, journalism, activism, and literature to fight violence or mistreatment of human beings all over the world.
  • The drawings are created using the person’s own words and are meant to show not only a likeness of the person, but also some of their values and motivations in life. It’s meant to be a more comprehensive look at a individual than traditional portraiture.
  • I want to help fundraise and help spread these heroes’ message of compassion and hope through art and with donations from my fans!


Who am I, and why I am doing this?

  • I am Michael Volpicelli, an artist from the Philadelphia area. I am best known for my word art style of drawing, where I draw realistic looking portraits using only words. I am using this talent currently to try and spread the words of people who I believe are motivational and have positive messages. I think that through art, a person can make a ripple all over the world and influence people to help reinforce ideals of love, peace, and compassion for all people.
  • I believe that this goal is important because it’s sad to turn on the news and see wars everywhere. Recently I had a baby girl named Lorelei, and I don’t want her growing up in a world where people are so cruel and negative towards each other. So I want to make a difference.

What I am hoping to achieve?

  • I want to create a series of 5-6 drawings of influencal people from all over the world with a positive message and create a cohesive series. I am asking for donations because it takes a lot of time to research each person and then to complete each drawing. Donations received will be split, so 50% of it will go to the different foundations and charities supported by the people I choose to draw, and *the other 50% will go to me as the artist so I can pay for gallery fees and expenses, pay for supplies , and be able to market this project effectively.
  • I want to difference in the world one piece of artwork at a time!
*The remaining 50% will go to the charities, and organizations such as:
  • The Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation. They spread messages of hope and peace by offering educational programs, activities, and resources that support an understanding of peace.  https://www.mattieonline.com
  • Gua Africa, which supports education in South Africa. No more child soldiers!
  • The Malala Fund, which supports issues involving young woman all over the world. The goal is to give access to a high quality education to young women on a community level.
Where can you find more information and get involved? 
  • You can also see what I am up to and past work I have done on Facebook  @ https://www.facebook.com/masterworkartistry
  • Tell me about the people you think would make great additions to this series!
  • Share and like on Facebook and other types of social media! The more people that do that, the more Facebook markets the series which hopefully brings in more money for the organizations above!
  • Tell people! Tell newspapers! Post on Blogs! Donate a nickel. Every little bit counts!


When you order a print from Michael,
you support his project, and also other projects,
depending on the print you select.
The Mattie prints support Mattie’s Foundation.
Thank you. 

Learn more about Michael Volpicelli and his project
on his Masterwork Artistry Facebook page HERE… 

Michael is being interviewed for the Steve Harvey Show.

Information about airdates will be posted soon. 


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