Yasmin Hasnain, owner of Yasmin’s Art Classes, first met with Jeni Stepanek and Laura Bauer of the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation to discuss peace on October 1, 2019. She was inspired by Mattie’s poem “The Tiger Fights a Dragon in the Purple Sun,” and after reflecting on how the poem’s message touched her heart, she responded by painting the beautiful “My Tiger of Peace.”

Yasmin's Tiger of Peace
Yasmin’s Tiger of Peace

Yasmin then chose to go to the next level and reach out with the message – inviting teenage young ladies with their mothers and friends to come to her studio to learn more about Mattie and his messages of hope and peace. Everyone then responded by creating their own peace expressions. Mama Peace, Jeni Stepanek, was on hand to chat and paint with everyone, enhancing what was already a powerfully inspirational day.

Peace Paint Party Artists with their creations

Reflect, respond, reach out – these are the criteria for becoming Peace Certified by the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation. Yasmin intends to continue promoting peace in the Americus community by hosting quarterly peace-themed paint parties where people can talk about how to achieve peace in our society and foster an artist’s camaraderie towards peace. She plans for these parties to serve as fundraisers for Mattie’s Foundation. She also wants to host free classes for elderly members of the community to help combat isolation and let them know they matter. After receiving her Peace Certification from Laura Bauer, Executive Director of the Foundation, Yasmin said, “If such a young Mattie could have such a beautiful vision, the least we can do is promote his message.”

Yasmin Hasnain with Laura Bauer

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