"Peace is possible!"

- Mattie J.T. Stepanek

We hope that MattieOnline.com inspires neighbors around the block and around the world. Together, let us choose to celebrate and share a message of hope and peace.

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e-Peace Update & 2017 Activity Preview!

- For global neighbors of all faiths, in all spaces of our world…  December Prayer by Mattie J.T Stepanek penned December 1999 (Age 9) – (Please click on image to enlarge)  – - December 2016 e-Peace Update (e-mailed to members of Mattie’s Peace Network & Mattie’s Peace Clubs) Hello friends - -Another year is coming to [...]

Election Reflection: On Hope, Beyond Hurt

  WE Are… 11/9 2016 and Forthward – Please share…  Copy & paste this link: http://www.mattieonline.com/?p=24328 – “We” as a country, as a nation, are clearly divided, and angry, and hurt, and scared, and making statements – this way or that way – about the need for change. That is evident.   But “WE” – the [...]

#NationalPeaceDay — Campaign Info & Tools

#NationalPeaceDay A petition to have July 17 (Mattie’s birthday) declared a national day dedicated to peace choices…   – - – We are campaigning for a presidential proclamation: National Peace Day to be celebrated July 17 each year – - – - JOIN US! – CLICK HERE to sign our Change.org Petition asking President Obama [...]

March Spotlight

Peace Seeker

Our Peace Seeker Spotlights honor our Peace Club Youth members -- and the families, educators, and mentors who choose to support these Kids, Tweens, and Teens in learning and celebrating that “peace is possible.” Read more...

Peace Maker

Our Peace Maker Spotlights honor our Peace Club General & VIP members – adults who "choose peace" and offer a small membership fee that supports our activities and programs, including the free activities offered to our youth members. Read more...

Peace Bringer

Our Peace Bringer Spotlights honor our Peace Activity Certificate and Peace Certification Program participants – individuals, families, educators, schools, communities, and more who choose to move from “attitude to action” with peace. Read more...

Peace Sponsor

Our Peace Sponsor Spotlights honor our Champions, Advocates, and Program Messengers – individuals, organizations, and businesses whose financial or in-kind contributions support the mission and work of Mattie’s Foundation. Read more...

- Mattie J.T. Stepanek